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Stratomaster Instruments


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Hi All,


I'm thinking of buying a Stratomaster EMS 503, to replace all the engine instruments for my Rotax 503, and was wondering if anyone can give me any feedback on these units.






P.S in case someone hasn't seen them www.lightflying.com.au



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While you're helping Mike, I'd also like to know about these instruments.


Looking at putting in a TC-3 to monitor 4 CHT and 4 EGTs on a Jab 2200. Or perhaps the E2 EMS, but this can only monitor 2 CHT and 2 EGTs. Is it worth watching all cylinders on a 2200? My impression is that only monitoring 1 cyl can hide problems elsewhere.


Any advice?





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I have bought the same instrument at Narromine, but i have yet to install it, in the next month i will begin rewiring the aircraft and installing my new panel with all my new instruments and avionics. so it will be a while before i get it all up and running.



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Guest Rocko

Swapped to a Grand Rapids unit myself. Really happy with it, working straight out of the box as promised. And yes, I think it is important to monitor 4 EGT and 4 CHT, since all my hottest ones aren't number 4 cylinder ;) Good security.



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Guest Andys@coffs

I fitted the EMS582 to my trike 582. It was simple to install and I added, as an alarm, a high britness LED on the panel, oriented to point at the mark 1 eyeball. I set up the EMS alarms to trigger on the Rotax advised, exceeded EGT's and water temps. Flying in summer is SA sees the alarm go off from time to time, related to water temps. Everytime it occurs I know about it and react with a change in flying profile, historically with the older gauges I never noticed any problems, yet they were clearly there. As identified in other threads, a series of seizures prompted the change, no issues since it was fitted.


In my opinion, money well spent.





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