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Guest rheggie



Its time to sell my beloved CTSW, 24-4466. After many happy hours of flying in it, I have decided I need a NVFR and instrument rating, and thus the CT must go to make way for a GA aircraft (Cirrus)


This was Ian's previous CT, and he decked it out with virtually every conceivable option available at the time in '05. It is the little plane flying across the top of your screen right now. It has a panel that would put many GA aircraft to shame.


Specs are as follows:


Oct '05, 290TT


Rotax 912ULS 100 HP


Slipper clutch, heavy duty starter.


Genuine 125kt cruise @ 17l/hr.


130L fuel (7+ hrs endurance)


MTOW 600kg design weight (LSA), 544kg RAA


Trutrak 2 1/2 axis autopilot, GPS coupled. Nav, Alt hold, and Vertical speed functions.


BRS 1350 parachute


Full 'GA' six pack, ie ASI, AH, Alt, Turn Coodinator, DG, VSI. All electric.


King Skymap colour moving map GPS


King Nav/Com (VOR)


King transponder


Rotax Flydat engine monitoring


2 blade Neuform ground adjustable prop


'Comfort package' , including:


Manual three axis trim system


Cabin heating


Heat distribution in cockpit to several air nozzles


Wheelpants and landing gear fairings


12V auxiliary connector in cockpit


Double fresh air windows in door windows


Door locks on both cabin doors


Parking brake


Anti Collision Lights and Position lights LED version


Cowling with Camlock quick fasteners


Price: $120,000 ono, + GST.


The CT has been a central part of my life for the last 12 months (just ask my wife...) My typical mission profile has been 500Nm trips, Narromine to Adelaide, but I have taken it into Townsville, Rockhampton, Maroochydore and Canberra to name a few. I often carry fuel fuel, wife, Pomeranian and 2 overnight bags. With the transponder, full panel, GPS and coupled autopilot, it is excellent for taking into controlled airspace, offering good situational awareness. The GPS is mounted up high, which frees up panel space and is easy to access.


Since buying the plane from Ian at Natfly last year I have added the BRS1350 parachute (at a cost of $12,000), which can be deployed at Vne (168kts) at 600kg (haven't tested it yet...) Whilst I have great confidence in the safety of the CT and Rotax engines, having the chute has led to an increased feeling of safety flying over Tiger country, low cloud cover, densely populated areas, and also makes my non-flying wife feel better, knowing its there in case I ever decide to croak.


The Trutrak autopilot is GPS coupled and works exceptionally well. I cannot stress enough how much more pleasurable this makes cross countries, freeing up both hands to flick through ERSA, fold maps, or just relax and enjoy the scenery. The CT is a touchy machine, and without the A/P it does take some effort to hold an accurate heading and altitude. 4 hour legs is where you notice it.


I chose the aircraft because it offered GA cruise speeds, GA instrumentation, and better than GA cabin space at a fraction of GA cost. Its running costs on a trip to Adelaide are less than driving the car. Its visibilty and handling were other pluses for me. Comparing it to the (archaic) Archer I did my GA training in, its like chalk and cheese.


However, being a dentist in Nyngan, I need to be reliably back at work on Monday mornings (cannot call in sick) and hence need the instrument/night ratings to feel confident going any sort of distance on a normal weekend.


The aircraft is in Narromine, and is currently having the wheel spats repainted (a few stone chips) and some new tyres fitted. The spinner is also being repainted where it appears someone may have pushed on it. Apart from that the plane is in exceptional condition.


email me at [email protected] or contact me AH on (02) 68322008.


Be quick as it is not often a CT changes hands. A new one is very costly to option up (just ask Ian!), and there is a considerable waiting period.





















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