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jabiru parts


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Guest brentc

You probably won't get a reply. The only time I got a reply from them was when I put in the subject line 'Request for your Bank Account details.'


Just give them a ring and ask for Paul or Kody in spare parts.



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I wouldn't mind knowing the actual NSK, Timken or SKF catalogue number for the J160 wheel-bearings. We've got lots of industrial suppliers here and I wouldn't mind having a couple of spares on hand. Does anyone have their respective cat. nos?



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Guest Andys@coffs

Hmm not sure I agree with that sentiment. I needed some J info and searched via google worldwide, I got a partial answer from jabirusa (nothing to do with J aust from what I understand but a much more useful website.....) and the real info was available here on this website. While the info posted recently wont help you as the OP it will help anyone who needs that info in the future who can drive google or alternates.


I wont hold my breath waiting for that type of info to be made available on the J Aust website, they cant even manage to get out jabachat on a regular basis that approaches a reasonable frequency....(1-2 time a year...really!!)


I understand the J focus on cheap aviation, but sometimes cheap is incompatible with good





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