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Microair update M760p


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For all you Microair M760 owners - the factory are now at upgrade (revsion P) edition. ;)


This gets you:


large knobs (easier to play with) 011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif


99 programable memories (used to be 25) ;)


108 - 117.995Mhz frequency (for attis weather reports) keen.gif.9802fd8e381488e125cd8e26767cabb8.gif


Built in VOX intercom ;)


Dual frequency monitoring and more.


The GOOD news is you can upgrade from N to P for around $160 which includes return freight.


Mine is currently in Bundy being upgraded. :big_grin:





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Hi Peter,


do you have a turn around time to have this conversion done as I get withdrawal symptoms if i don't go flying at least twice a week. At a squeeze I might be able to stretch it and miss a week but that would cause uncontrolled shaking and looking skywards for stray aircraft.


Cheers Helmut



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I have to wonder if this update would have occured if not for XCOM arriving on the scene . . . but having said that we do have a Microair M760 in one of our trikes which we might upgrade. The XT has an Icom A22E until we decide which radio it will eventually have in the long term. I suspect the Icom will go back into the X and the XT will get the Microair (with or without the upgrade).


Also interested to see how quickly Microair turns around your upgrade, and its transmit stability . . . might end up buying another radio.







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G'Day Helmut.


Unfortunately It will take two to three weeks before I get the radio back. 049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif


However, I was able to borrow a spare radio from a friend while mine is upgraded. :)





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Rev P upgrade for the Microair M760 Rev N Transceiver


Hi Peter


I contacted Microair on 8-08-2007.


They sent me a quote for two types of upgrades to the old Rev N of the M760 Microair Radio without a full explanation of the implications of either upgrade or the differences between them.


Although some idea can be obtained by going to their web site and looking at the PDF files available there which are for the latest version of the radio, the Rev P version.


One of those http://www.microair.com.au/admin/uploads/documents/p45radio.jpg is the data sheet and for the Microair M760 Rev P Transceiver


another is




is the Install and User manual for the latest version of the Microair M760 Rev P Transceiver.


the third one is a wiring diagram for the Rev P




They gave quotes for two upgrade options and I have used their words below verbatim!


Option 1


M760 rev N upgrades


FM/Heat/ANL/Mic & 108 tuning $220


Freight Domestic $15


Option 2


M760 Rev N upgrades to Rev P which includes above upgrades $660


Freight Domestic $15


Add GST to each quote above.


According to the user manual above, which is very comprehensive, the Rev P model addresses a number of limitations of the older Rev N model which make the later Rev P very attractive by comparison.


A few of the new features that I noted (there are many more):


Ability to store 99 frequencies compared to 25.


Ability to show and store Alpha numeric chars for each frequency stored which display as they receive transmissions (this would be a big help when checking and updating stored frequencies);


Ability to monitor two frequencies microseconds apart;


(Could monitor area frequency and CTAF practically simultaneously)


Ability to monitor ATIS weather channel w/o risk of accidently transmitting on that frequency.


Can set an option so that you cannot transmit over the top of an incoming signal on the same frequency;


Displays a flashing light if a transmission lasts longer than either 30 or 45 seconds (don't remember which) to pick up stuck PTT buttons.


I shall have to contact them to differentiate between Option 1 and Option 2.





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G'Day Ross, Helmet and Glen,


WHOOPS - my BIG mistake, :yuk: unfortunately I got the wrong end of the stick and assumed the upgrade I was quoted on was for the whole box and dice. (rev P)


WRONG 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif - the price I was quoted is for atis upgrade only. I apologise for any pain and suffering endured by all those reading this post. See Ross's post for the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth.


Sorry to have got it so wrong. ;):;)1:088_censored.gif.2b71e8da9d295ba8f94b998d0f2420b4.gif088_censored.gif.03b4fab6f26a58d5cdf75ba85c450225.gif088_censored.gif.2b71e8da9d295ba8f94b998d0f2420b4.gif088_censored.gif.03b4fab6f26a58d5cdf75ba85c450225.gif





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M760 Transceiver - Available UPGRADES


After spending most of the day on this I suggest that anyone wanting more information on the subject ask Microair to email them a PDF file of the "M760 TRANSCEIVER - AVAILABLE UPGRADES". Then ask them to explain it in detail and mention what equipment you have already installed.


If I understand it correctly the latest brand new $1320 M760 Rev P Transceiver is available provided that a working (as determined by Microair) older model M760 transceiver with eligible serial number and Rev numbers is available for exchange for a net price of $880 Australian dollars including GST - freight is not mentioned so far. These prices today are list prices not quotes.


It is not clear to me from the PDF "M760 - Available Upgrades" file what in addition I am up for in $$ for the Jabiru where I already own an older M760 Rev N serial number 760-008089 transceiver plus a PM501 intercom and wiring harness.


It is starting to be an expensive radio but the ability to monitor two frequencies at once, plus store 99 labelled frequencies probably makes it substantially cheaper than buying an additional radio and intercom and integrating it with an existing radio.


The new Rev P also addresses a number of stability, interference, quality and tuning issues of the older Rev N model according to their handout and includes a built in intercom if I understand the user manual correctly - check this as I am not sure of that last item.



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Guest brentc

I'm of the opposite opinion. I have a radio that monitors dual frequencies, however there's nothing quite like having 2 radio's on the go at the same time. Whilst you may think that you can't listen to 2 things at once, eg, TV and the Wife, you'll find that you probably CAN listen, AND take in what they are both saying! I haven't looked closely at the Microair (other than reading about the 100ms scan rate), however I suspect it's based on another radio out there that has the same feature. Trouble is that it can only receive one signal on one channel at a time and if you're hearing a discussion on the stand-by channel, it will be immediately over transmitted by the primary. Whilst this is by design, it can be annoying as the conversations are chopping and changing all of the time (I'm a frequency changing junkie). Having a seperate volume for the secondary channel is also a bonus as it is common for signals to be of a different volume / strength.


The downside of 2 radio's however is requirement for a second aerial, extra wiring and possibly an upgraded intercom. For $880 I'd considering hard wiring up a handheld (with battery for backup) to your intercom using the standard aerial which also gives you the option to to mobile if you need to, plus be able to speak blind on the handheld if you lose comms / electrics. Just my 2 cents worth as I know a gent who has done just that in his new J430 and the system works well.


If you didn't have a radio and were about to order one, then a dual-watch radio would be a wise choice if money doesn't grow on a tree in your back yard.



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Hi brentc


As you can see I have just re-entered my AVTAR which is still earthbound indicating that my J160 is still very much in the garage. The solution to my problem as my younger brother told me at the time near kit purchase was not to buy anything for the kit that I did not need at the time - the trouble with introductory pricing.


I now have half a dozen reasons to regret that decision!


You make a very compelling argument to have a second radio not dependent on the aircraft radio system and also the ability to vary the volume of either/both and not have traffic for the primary frequency cut off the secondary radio message.


My experience is limited to one radio monitoring a single frequency in an area with relatively light radio traffic with maybe a maximum of six airborne around the airfield at once and that would be unusual.


I certainly noticed the problem of changing non stored frequencies on a trip from Griffith to Albury and especially in RAA height bands which are always going to be less than the top of the CTAF above any airstrips you go near.


An RAA aircraft is highly likely to be in a height band where other A/C are likely to be descending to land on a nearby airfield so a need to monitor the area frequency and the nearest CTAF or even maybe more than one CTAF??


Anyway I suppose I got off the subject - I was really only trying to sort out the options for upgrading that were available from Microair and what they would cost (being a major point as far as I am concerned)!



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Guest brentc

All I can say is that you would be surprised how much relevant info you miss when you are not listening to Centre whilst you are in or near a CTAF.



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I have no more to add for the detail re the M760 upgrades. In Microair's reply this morning to my last email, they did not answer any of my questions.


Were they, the questions, too dumb - most of the queries on capability can be answered by reading the User Manual for the latest version but not any detail about the integration updating older gear.


The PDF combined Installation and User Manual can be downloaded from the Microair website as a PDF file and printed out at your leisure. It is 28 pages long at this time.





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A friend of mine is due to collect a new trike sometime soon and he has ordered it with the Microair M760, the one fitted has been confirmed by Airborne as having the "BIG KNOBS", so I'll report back on this thread when I get a chance t play with it, though that could still be a month away.



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Guest The Bushman

I Regulary fly long distances and with the old model Microair by using the stored memory frequencies am able to scan all frequencies on a long trip with out changing channels


For instance on a flight from Broken Hill to Bundaberg by loading all of the required frequencies ,Area and local Airports and by scanning them I don,t have to change channel only when joing a circuit for landing



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