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Greetings to all


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Based in Goulburn NSW, first solo last week and still can't get enough of this flying thing. Currently going the PPL route in a Warrior but have had a couple of flights now in a Gazelle and must say I will most definitely be getting the Certificate also.


Thanks for the forum - looks great!



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Guest David C

Welcome my friend ... I have never taken the GA path , although I have to admit I do see the challenge of a PPL something I may decide to do one day , when I'm rich !!! .. Great to have a relative "local "onboard and look forward to your posts .


Dave C



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Once my vampire is through its major overhaul and modification schedule, i will be a regular at Goulburn!


at the moment i am in the process of modifying the engine cowl with a nice big cooling air scoop and a few aerodynamic refinements, remake of the instrument panel, moulded and shaped to take a few more instruments, map pocket and drink holder. all of carbon fibre, and the usual mods, longer nosewheel, replace a few skins that are showing their age, you know, the usual stuff you do over a winters non flying season..



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