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CT On Floats


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Just envious I guess that we don't have the natural resources like they do in Canada, with the fresh water lakes etc.. where you could put a toy like that to excessive use without having to wash it out afterwards constantly and spray goop all over the metal bits to stop them from disappearing.



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Guest brentc

If it was legal in Australia and I saw some paperwork to prove it, I'd be high on the order list. Any info on that Ian / Chris? There's not much else out there that's factory built, approved in OZ, not ridiculously expensive and goes more than 80 knots or actually a type that has atleast one other in OZ right now.


I just realised that those are those new aluminium floats from the Czech republic. There's a mini Super Cub being manufactured over there on the same floats. They look good.



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I haven't seen an application for acceptance of it on floats in Aus as yet. Perhaps under LSA, for which I wouldn't need to see any paperwork as acceptance is done by the approved person. There are two Carbon Cubs going to South Aus, and I believe one of them will have floats eventually..?? Not sure what they would cruise at though on floats.





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