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Scanner antenna


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I'm wondering if someone has plans to build a antenna for a Scanner


At the moment I am using the rubber ducky type that come with the scanner but would like to construct one to mount on the roof of the house 049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif



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Discone would be best, but harder to make than buy.


there is nothing important about scanner aerials, you probably won't notice the difference if you just make one from the coax cable from the set, by cutting off the outer wire braiding for 24" down from the end and hang it up outside or glue the end inside a length of pvc tube. in fact you only have to 'ring bark' the outer braid at the 24" point, leave the rest intact if desired.


For deluxe performance, add 2 lengths of thin brazing rod in a X formation, mounted horizontally, connected to the braid at the cut. That will give you a ground plane antenna, suitable for 50 ohms cable to a transmitter in the VHF aero band.





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Check out the ARRL Antenna book (your local library probably has a copy)










cover one that I found. look for ham radio sites on the net, you'll probably find a few others.


Any antenna that has a very wideband is useable for scanning, or if your after stuff all within one band a half-wave dipole at the centre frequency may be sufficient.



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