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  1. Was still looking for something suitable Didn't see the point in Building something that I needed a PPL(H) for which cost a fortune Hence the original Question was about a Recreational rotatory License
  2. And I still haven't got an answer to my Question
  3. Story Floating around a while ago was A first year Auto Mechanic apprentice was told to fill a car with oil The supervising mechanic returned after attending to a Customer To find a pallet of empty 5 Lt oil containers Filled the car alright as was instructed
  4. Well maybe you need to fund someone to write an Australian Spell checker Total irrelevant to the question and pedantic
  5. HHmm ok so they are 2 different things I'm confused??? Same Qualification different governing body?????
  6. Been away for this site (and others for a while (Long story)) Come back on expecting to see lots of Hype about Part 61 Changes To my surprise I haven't found anything Around this time last year the changes got put on hold till later in the year It was to have a huge impact on lots of things flying related Told it was put into play late September but what really changed?? There was talk of a Recreational Rotary wing Licence??? Have heard the GA GFPT is replaced with a Recreational Licence Is this licence the same as a Recreational Certif
  7. Huge user of Facebook and other social media But I asked a question on RA Aus Facebook site only to be told to ring there office for the answer So I guess what's the point??
  8. Old thread I know but Jim did you ever get any more info in this There website doesn't say to much (like where the designer lives, Doesn't even say what currency the cost of the plans are??) Recently came across a fellow in Melbourne who is planning to build one
  9. A bad one or more cost efficient one? Or someone who is more interested in one achieving there dream as opposed to one who is lining there own pocket
  10. Would be fantastic for the sport Apparently they now charge $170/h there website is very much out of date!!!!! I tell you what Ill pay $140/h you make up the difference for a good school as I cannot afford one
  11. And also a PC can be and often is gained as a cheaper way into a GA Licence is it not (some flying schools promote this)
  12. Is there ?? I'm tipping yours says exactly the same as everyone else's I digress Another way of looking at it I'm a trained and accredited sports coach I offer my services to others that want to be coached for free Why because I love the chosen sport and want to see others excel and numbers increase Does this mean the next coach that is charging $$$$$ any better coach than me??
  13. Absolutely but as someone pointed out previously there are some who will milk you for the extra buck At the end of the day its still the same certificate
  14. What about Vic other than Horsham Woorayl air services near Leongatha are $170/h cheapest around here http://www.wooraylairservices.com.au/ I believe there is a Flying school in Tasmania that's $150/h
  15. A lot of university's are offering this now I have seen it advertised as a Vet Fee Free approved course In other words (My understanding) is the government will lend you the money to do the course (under very loose conditions) and you don't have to pay it back until and/or if you earn so much a year I have even seen it advertised to do via online studies with the flight training done at your local flying school (that's how it was worded) And the Minimum outcome was a Rec Licence Could this be a free way of obtaining a Pilots Licence / Certificate Or even a train now pay later
  16. Wondering if stall speed can be lowered And how it is calculated I'm looking at scratch building a KR2-s for Ra-Aus rego that has a stall speed of 52MPH (according to the specs) This equates to 45.1868 Just over Would they allow this
  17. Just came across a Melbourne flying school offering training for an Un-Restricted Pilot Certificate 10hrs required but there Restricted Pilot Certificate is 20hrs Can I assume you have to have restricted before Un-Restricted What's the difference I'm confused??
  18. Sent if before I read P.A.s post but you may not get it as It may be to big for a GMAIL account
  19. Didn't th Didn't think ypu needed Facebook there is a download button at the top Failing that Send me a private message and Ill email it to you Its to large to post on here
  20. Then why did he state it on Live TV Ok you win Remove the word Elton John in the previous post and replace with Angus Young, Jimi Hendrix, DimeBag Daryl or any other on this page
  21. Around 30 years ago I say an entrance exam to be excepted into an Airline Academy That I believe was in Cessnock NSW Never excepted there offer (family morgage etc) Does anyone know about this Academy
  22. Once again off the topic to start an augment And totally irrelevant It was announced on the letterman show a few years ago Paul Shaffer's reply was you don't have read it to you write it??? I got excepted into a flying school but I cannot fly??? Anyway total irrelevant and not the point
  23. Now that the dust has settled Sorry didn't mean to stare WW3 Back to the question I recently while trying to get the cash together for flying lessons came across a local add on gumtree for a guitar teacher I've been playing Guitar off and on for 40 years and worked In the Music industry (doing Production) for around 15 years Thinking to my self I can teach done it before with success The add went on to say MUST have past grade 6 music theory exams DAMN I remember see an interview with Elton John who openly admitted he cannot read Music I can assure you a good majority
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