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  1. Yes, the speed is amazing , and explains why the 'Galloping Ghost ' impact, when viewed in normal time , doesn't show the aircraft at all . Jim G
  2. It's on tonight 15/06/18 ...........looks like the promo is a day old JG
  3. Tomorrow night (sat 16/06/18 ) Channel 7 on the 6 O'clock news , should be good https://www.facebook.com/groups/165789403603009/permalink/928580110657264/ Jim G
  4. Thanks for posting this here F T , I saw it a couple of days ago on HBA . I really like this guys 'can do' attitude and his first creation was pretty impressive . cheers Jim G
  5. Jim I cannot find how to reply from the add Email me at [email protected]  -  Postage $25 Gary
  6. Yeah , you are on target tow operations , I need a moving target to dial in my gun sights Cheers Jim G
  7. Thanks Mike , my hangar share is at YCAB so when I am confident with its reliability and my flying I will apply to have the testing area extended to include Caboolture .I'll get big Cuz , Danny and Roger to fly escort when I bring it over, looking forward to it . Cheers Jim G
  8. I've done 4.5 hours total flying now and over Easter i will ( hopefully ) mount my dummy Lewis Machine gun . So I guess that'll be a good reason to do another little vid. Kev is still teaching , i will let him know your intentions. Cheers Jim G
  9. Thanks Pete , I had found those , my baffling is a mixture of that and cheating some Revmaster methods .I'm going to run it with a water manometer set up to measure the pressure drop between the across the heads etc. and see what i have got . cheers Jim G
  10. Canadian Graham Lee is the plans designer , he passed away a few years ago and his son Michael runs the website and sells the plans.cheers Jim G
  11. Thanks Pete , I am keen learn about successful VW cooling set ups. Cheers Jim G
  12. Not sure what the Noon patrol have done there . Can you refer me to a link or article please. cheers Jim G
  13. Great work Mark , Danny sent me a couple of youtube clips about 'balance beads', used in tyres , to understand how it all works . Amazingly simple once one understands the process. I don't think it can ever be perfect though, because of the ' hunting ' gearset used in the gearbox . That means any imbalance in the engine will be in a different place at the prop shaft every engine revolution . I suppose an extra Balancemaster mounted to the engine flywheel may take care of that . cheers Jim G
  14. Thanks Pete , the new prop may take a few rpm off it but i would still expect it to be 4K+ . The valve train and reciprocating components will do this easily ,even the inlet port doesn't reach peak velocity till mid 5K with the 458cc cylinders . The biggest challenge is dealing with the lack of cooling fin area. cheers JimG
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