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  1. Murry, I owe you a HUGE appology - This had left my mine TOTALLY Ring me on 0490500605 URGENTLY I will refund you money or ship this weekend I APPOLIGIZE with no reservation. Gary
  2. We should have a spare set from the engines that we have at Rylstone - will get back to you on Friday Gary
    1. murrayg


      Money was sent 15th Nov
  3. Before saying that I would look at the specification for Ultem 1010 , 9085 or PEKK. These definitely capable of being used in secondary structures and at some serious temperatures, will be using PEKK for a custom inlet manifold. These is great strides being made in materials with the downside that you will need access to a high end printer.
  4. Recently exposed to a 912 that had 1900 hours that I had been flying in with no issues. When it was ferryed back to base the pilot who is a L2 noted that it was tight to turn- real tight. It was found it was in a batch that had pick up on the crank - this is listed in a Rotax notification - just have the serial number checked, this was one real unhappy crankcase and was condemned based on the internal damage. Gary
  5. Experience has shown that the stock radiator will handle the load especially when installed with a duct - air dose not want to go through a Rotax radiator just because its hung in the breeze. My aircraft will also have the head load from the oil cooler added and the basic [very] calc's indicate it will be close to its limit at climb. Therefore a valve that better transfer heat into the head from the valve may help but is not a deal breaker. Hence the question at the start
  6. We have 43'' available at take off with the supercharger - never been a issue to date
  7. Rotax is using these in the 915 and based on my info its for the 2000 hours - that enough life for anyone. These are only for someone operating a boosted engine looking for improved combustion cooling, a 80hp 912 does not need them. If am rebuild any engine at 2000 hours, the exhaust valves are for the bin, replacements are $1500 US plus, they can just do four for $800 euro and that is cheaper than Rotax plain exhaust valves. So again asking
  8. Is any one with a 914 interested in a set of Sodium Valves to suit their engine? Rotax is recommending that the valves be changed at overhaul but I am sure non one could afford them - try and get a price. I have made contact with a manufacturer engine valves that has Rotax blanks for sodium valves and based on a quote about 18 months ago a order for 24 would be $1K for four. Standard Rotax exhaust vales are about $US300 each so the price in good. I will fun the purchase with a deposit of 30% non refundable if order is cancelled. Would need 3 buyers outside myself Credits card is
  9. Saw you leaving hope you has a good time
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