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Tape over hinge gaps in control surfaces


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What do you blokes (or blokettes) use for the tape over the hinge gaps in your control surfaces ... particularly the top of the elevator?


There is Wotan cloth tape in my kit. Is that for this purpose?


Any help would be appreciated.


Regards Geoff



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Thanks for posting this cap't as it has reminded me to get some more for the CT where the wings join the fuse - the best thing I believe is surgical tape from the chemist.



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I put mine on (used the Wotan tape with the kit). It lasted for about a year and came off. I then spent over 3 hours scraping off the crappy residue that was left behind. Best off leaving the tape in the corner along with the trim tabs that I am hoping you didn't attach.


I now use my Wotan tape for holding on my wheel spats.


Re: Trim Tabs - the 2 x J430's here didn't fit them and they are happy with the way they perform. I don't believe that they are requried and are a hangover from the LSA55 certification days.



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Thanks Brent, Geoff & Ian


Ian - a pleasure ..... as us absent minded buggers need to help each other out whenever we can remember to.


Thanks to Geoff 1 & Brent. Bought some surgical tape today as that is what others appear to use. I previously bought some super-duper German mylar tape that is used on gliders as well as some Tesa teflon tape on which its trailing edge of the mylar will slide and am going to use that over the surgical tape.


I know it isn't a glider but because I have some background (albeit recent & relatively brief) in that I thought I'd use this tape for a bit of fun.


I know that it is a bit of a wank and I won't be able to glide home from Narrandera (unless starting at FL25), but hopefully it will make the joins look nice. Hope it works as the Mylar & Tesa stuff costet ein arm und ein leg.


Brent - Thanks for that update about the trim tabs. I looked at all the 200's, 230's and 430's at the Wide Bay Airshow and all/most had them cut down. Mine are a little less that half the length of the original so should be OK. We'll see soon hopefully.


Thanks for your responses





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