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20060703_114431_whoops.jpg20060703_114544_disc_in_wrong_e.jpg20060703_114640_engine_missing_.jpg20060703_114731_hole_in_fuselag.jpg20060703_114819_toasted_rear_fu.jpgNot sure where this should post but,


REASONS TO TAKE THE BUS EVERYWHERE....No 32 ...CATASTROPHIC JET ENGINE<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><O:P></O:P>FAILURE<O:P></O:P></PRE>Happened to an AA 767 last Friday. The disc went through the aircraft<O:P></O:P></PRE>into the OTHER engine.<O:P></O:P></PRE><O:P></O:P></PRE>I'm not sure whether you will have heard about this as it appears to <O:P></O:P></PRE>have<O:P></O:P></PRE>been hushed up over the weekend. On Friday during a ground run at LAX, <O:P></O:P></PRE>GE<O:P></O:P></PRE>CF6 in the number one position let go on an American Airlines 767. Two<O:P></O:P></PRE>taxiways were closed while bits of disc were retrieved. Attached are <O:P></O:P></PRE>some<O:P></O:P></PRE>photos, one of which shows half a disc sticking out of an engine. In <O:P></O:P></PRE>fact,<O:P></O:P></PRE>the disc belongs to the other engine - it's passed through the centre <O:P></O:P></PRE>wing<O:P></O:P></PRE>box and embedded itself. The rear fuselage and port inboard flaps were<O:P></O:P></PRE>toasted as combustor exit gases escaped and hit the airframe, which <O:P></O:P></PRE>has to<O:P></O:P></PRE>have been written off.<O:P></O:P></PRE><O:P></O:P></PRE>Interestingly, photos of it were uploaded onto various websites on <O:P></O:P></PRE>Friday<O:P></O:P></PRE>evening. As of this morning almost all of them have gone, including <O:P></O:P></PRE>any<O:P></O:P></PRE>of the aircraft as a whole. This obviously has some pretty serious<O:P></O:P></PRE>implications for twin-engined aircraft.<O:P></O:P></PRE>


<O:P></O:P> Geoff



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