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Aerochute Kev

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Just found this website from Pacific Flier. Great site.


After about 20 years of dreaming and lack of time and finance i have finally begun the dream to fly. I have purchased a new aerochute (which should arrive in about another week) and have clocked up 14 hours with my instructor. (i still can't believe he sits on the ground and watches whilst i have his aircraft?)


I live on our farm near Gingin, north of Perth and will mostly fly from here. Unfortunately I have to share the airspace with the RAAF who have it Mon-Fri so can only fly weekends.


If anyone is flying north of Gingin and sees a yellow/blue canopy aerochute, and the pilot has a giant grin on his face, it could be me.







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Welcome Kev


I regularly fly North of Gin Gin, but doubt I will see you. my Gin Gin is in Qld, and the politically correct have not been able to get it's name changed yet.



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Hi Yenn


Years ago we lived on a farm 20 miles downstream from Narromine on the Macquarie River near Gin Gin. Gin Gin was a Macquarie river bridge crossing the river on the road from Trangie heading North and was another five to ten miles or so further downstream from where we lived.





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Welcome Kevin,


If you get only a fraction of the pleasure I get from this site, you'll be more than happy, but be warned, its very addictive. I'll be in Perth on holiday in about three weeks time, so if I see a chute flying around with someone with a grin from ear to ear, I'll assume it's you. Look forward to hearing more from you, about the exploits in your new toy.



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