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CTAF(R) frequency change for Wagga Wagga


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I note in the new ERSA which has just arrived, and in the new L1/L2 ERC Low that the YSWG CTAF® will be changing from 118.2 to 126.95.


I assume that just happens without fanfare when the ERSA and ERC Low become effective on Nov 22nd.


Is that correct?


It's a lesson that even though you think you know a frequency at a particular strip, it pays to check.



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Unicom trial




I went out to the Airservices meeting to hear about the Unicom trial, as probably did you, and a frequency change wasn't mentioned, unless that was done after I left ..... once the pizza arrived.


It's interesting that the frequency for Federation is still 118.2.


Ross. What's the change at Narrandera & Griffith? I can't spot it?


BTW, my son has a drag car almost complete and is disappointed about the cancellation of the Riverina Drag Meetings at YNAR, as I had intended to fly him in to the next one, and deliver him to the pit crew like a Formula 1 star.





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Hi Geoff,


Unfortunately I missed the meeting owing to unforseen work commitments involving big red trucks.(The same ones that visit 'The Lawson' from time to time)


The feed back I got from 'Rocker' and Chris C is that Unicom wasn't overly welcome but it's going to go ahead anyway. I was at a local comms supplier and the tech was commenting that he had a quote for Air Services to supply the base radio.


The frequency change is a bit of a mystery other than would fit into the time frame.


I haven't found any reference anywhere else, so it looks like I'm going to have to update my charts sooner rather than later.




Steven B.


This shoots my theory to poo....


Airservices Australia is introducing a trial Unicom service starting late 2007 at Dubbo and Wagga Wagga regional NSW airports.


The Unicom Services concept involves a skilled Unicom station operator providing the following information:


  • Advisory traffic information in the immediate terminal airspace and movement area
  • Meteorological information such as factual statements about the weather
  • Emergency services alerting
  • Other aerodrome information as requested by pilots which could include runway surface conditions and availability of fuel services


The service will be provided on the existing CTAF/R frequency and the operating hours of the trial will generally be determined by Regular Public Transport schedules.



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G'day Steve,




I'll have the chef prepare a complimentary breakfast for you blokes in the big red trucks if it happens again. It's hard to stop guests turning the toaster up to "Incinerate", even after we locked, screwed and glued the toaster adjustments ..... AND added a big red sign that read that their things would be cut off if they activate the alarm by toasting. For motel guests this must be akin to experienced VFR pilots continuing to fly into IMC ..... they just can't resist giving it a try.




The meeting was interesting. The Airservices GM was there and said that conditions around Wagga, plus the rise in the number of RPT passengers justified a Unicom, even though he couldn't give stats for near misses or other ways that this need is measured.




It was doubly interesting when not one of the VFR, IFR, Commercial or RPT operators or pilots (that were there) had identified a problem or requested a trial or could give examples of problems in the airspace here. If the RPT operators aren't screaming, then there is not a big problem and I reckon the area works pretty well at the moment even with the number of RPT movements.




It was mentioned that the only present issue is possibly with visiting aircraft who are unfamiliar with the way things work here (eg RPT aircraft coming in from Sydney & Melbourne and following each other in with straight in approaches on opposing runways etc), and the meeting seemed to think that subsidised compulsory transponders would be better than a Unicom ..... and less expensive.




I guess a "Trial" is just that, but how is it meaningful if stats or incidents can't be compared against any improvements and that is what one of the RPT operators was asking for. They were saying that the Trial must produce meaningful data that can be evaluated against the non-unicom operations, and Airservices undertook to do that, with the trial starting in the quieter time around Xmas.




Regards Geoff



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