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Legal registered firearms in private aircraft?

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I am a Trap Shooter and have been told by a GA pilot that it is forbidden to carry any registered firearm in a private aircraft.


In my case I will be commuting to a registered competition in an RAA aircraft with a 12 gauge shotgun that is disassembled and locked in a case in the luggage compartment.


Does anyone know any more on what the Regs are on this?


Regards Geoff



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Hello Geoff


If you are flying you own aircraft and if the case you carry your disassembled 12 gauge in doesn't look like a gun case, who, besides you, would know. To the casual observer it could contain your cut lunch and a couple of apples.


If you have to put it through a baggage X-Ray, or a baggage search, then youARE in strife.


If you ask the same question of a sufficient number of people you will eventually get the answer you don't want.





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Guest Guest

"they can only be carried in commercial aircraft you can apply to CASA for an exemtion but it has never been granted in the past"


Well that's not exactly correct...


I have a CASA exemption for the carriage of my Pistols in the aircraft. I rang CASA, asked for information on getting one, wrote a fax, sent it in and was granted one. I got it from the Moorabbin office. It's valid for 2 years and thanks for this post as it reminded me to renew my excemption.


There are many permits for GA aircraft that have already been granted and you will find those on the web; eg aerial hunting etc. I specifically requested after a lengthy argument that the details of my permit not be published on the web like they are for everyone else so that I didn't get thieves trying to break in. eg. Billy Bloggs, permit for 2 pistols of 38 super calibre who lives at 21 Jump St, Essendon... not a good idea as you can see.


I suspect you'd need a permit for carriage in an RA aircraft as they are still under the regsof CASA, however I suggest that a call to the executive might be in order. As for "hiding" the fact that they are there, I would not suggest that for a minute; if they were stolen you'll be in a heck of a lot of strife for sure.


You'll need to carry them securely in an unloaded state in the luggage compartment if available, so in the back of the J230 Captain.


I frequently carry on RPT and that has never posed a problem either.


Have fun.





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Thanks for that Nos,


That is noce to know and I'll get the application under way.


While I understand what Bruce is getting at, the big issue with this stuff is that if you do the wrong thing and get caught you will lose ALL of your firearms and all of your related privilages. And that isn't worth the risk when you like those sports and also needthem around the farm.


Apart from that, I am sure that all on this forum would not even think of breaking the rules.





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In New Guinea only a few years ago, old Tokua airport, near Rabaul, there was a sign on the wall of the passenger terminal -


"No more than 50 rounds of ammunition allowed in your hand luggage"


Wish I had taken a picture of it then - no one would believe me now! The funny thing is - it all seemed so normal then !



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Guest Fred Bear

Refer Nosmos post too. It's 100% accurate. My dad is RSO (Range Safety Officer-Pistols) and this is the correct response. Hope it helps.



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