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Do you think it may worth asking him and his aircraft out to Aussie for one of our flyins as a special guest? Will cost a little but may be worth it for the interest - the only thing would be to try and get some kind of dispensation in licencing and registration for a demo flight at our flyin.



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That B10J was the inspiration for me to get the JFS100, I saw it at Oshkosh over 10 years back. I dont think hes flying it lately he got it approved by the FAA as a pt.103 ultralight because the thrust was no more than the 30 hp power previously used - around 85 lbs thrust.


I still have the info on the machine its a converted Mitchelwing B10 and goes about 45 mph for 45 mins on 45 liters of kerosine or whatever will burn.


A thrust attenuator clamshell was fitted aft of the nozzle to make for steeper approaches because flight idle is still around 60,000 rpm and there is no prop drag as per the original.


The JFS100 gas generator section weighs about 55 lbs


If left as a complete turboprop it puts out 90 hp at 3,000 rpm. Now we're talking.....





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