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AGM batteries

Guest fly

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Hi ! everyone


A bit quite here at the moment!


The Thruster battery cradle behind rear bulkhead doesn't give much scope for a very large battery.


I was thinking of putting in an AGM 18amp hour but would have to modify cradle to take it.


The next size down is a 12 amp hour and will fit in the cradle, but will it turn over a R582.


Any experience with different brands of AGM batteries?


While I am here.......


Still looking for a small part off a bing 54 carby {choke cable end retainer, down in body of carby]


Also what is the difference,[ besides the obvious] between the round and the square mikuni dual pumps, are they interchageable


As Usual THANKS.......FLY



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Guest TOSGcentral

Hi Fly,


BATTERIES. My advice (based on experience) is go for the


odyssey battery - but there are hiccups! They are expensive. They have to be pinned at a max of 15 volts charge or you cook them. That means you need a good quality reg/rec that you are sure of. They apparently have some powder content and this will sulphate if the aircraft is not used regularly and the battery is rapdily stuffed.


Other than that they are great and I used the Odessey/Powermate combination for years and had absolutely no problems with them. They come in a variety of sizes (that will fit in the standard carry tray) and have huge cranking power that eats a R582!


Next best choice is a gel cell.


Wet cell motor cycle batteries are a waste of time in my opinion. Even using heavy duty units I used them up in six months and the winter is real hard on starting a R582.




If you di



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I have an Odyssey PC310 AGM battery (installed in a Rotax 912ULS) which so far has been no problem, even though when I took delivery of the aircraft, the battery was dead flat as the factory had not disconnected the leads prior to shipping. (the Dynon EFIS has an internal lithium battery which draws on the ships battery....hence the flat battery!)


In order to maintain the battery in peak condition (as there are times when I don't fly for several weeks) I purchased a float charger which is designed for these situations.








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If you go to an Odyssey battery, get rid of the steel outer case. With it on they will not give good cranking amps in cold weather. I am talking of Qld cold. ie 4deg C. I bought a second Odyssey for my Corby, but only because it was the correct size and weight andI did not want to remake the battery housing and do a weight and balance.



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to TOSG{TONY}, THOMMO, WEST COAST, and YENN for input! appreciated!


OK...ODYSSEY battery, POWERMATE,reg/rec and a float charger for maintenance seem to be the consenus.





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What "Cold cranking amps" (CCA) would be required in a battery with the 'guts' to start a R582 Rotax reliably on cold (say 4 degress celsius) mornings? It does seem as though most Thrusters I've looked at (not that many I admit) just have a standard motorcycle battery such as model number CB 18L-A but don't know what make the battery is - no brand that I could see on this particular battery. I believe these batteries have a CCA rating of 235 according to the motorcycle shop I spoke with today.





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