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Low IQ piper drivers

Guest High Plains Drifter

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Guest High Plains Drifter

Low IQ Piper driver


Via the bad fruit forum -


An investigation is under way after a concrete block fell from a plane onto a tennis court on Tyneside.


Members of the public spotted an object falling from a light aircraft on Wednesday morning.


The one-foot square slab landed at Northumberland Lawn Tennis Club in Jesmond. No-one was hurt but children were playing a short distance away.


It was later identified as a tie-down block used as one of a pair to secure light aircraft at Newcastle Airport.


In a statement, the Newcastle International Airport said: "Northumbria Police made contact with air traffic control on Wednesday concerning a concrete block which had been recovered from the Jesmond area that morning.


"The object was subsequently identified as a tie-down block which is used to secure light aircraft on the apron.


"It is thought to have originated form a Piper Cherokee Aircraft which departed from the airport at 0920 BST.


"The Civil Aviation Authority has been notified and a full investigation will take place."



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Guest disperse
Do you have something against us rednecks? :pig:

You know your a red neck when ....... Your mowing the front yard and find and old chevy !!! 018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif



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Could be right about Piper drivers, because the same thing happened at Newcastle a few years back with a guy in a Warrior. Must have been a chip off the same block, to coin a phrase, because he had about 300hrs on type, but so sure about the time doing pre-flight checks.



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must be someting about pipers, yrs ago, during a night nav flight, during walk around, the instructor, and myself forgot about the rear tie down.. never the less, after needing full power to start taxiing, we knew we forgot something...


it was dark, thats my excuse!


though i have never forgotten a tie down since..



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