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A reminder of safer times

Guest browng

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Can you imagine any airline giving free knives to passengers these days? well they did once..


"1968 BAC One-Eleven Jet Promotional Penknife (Reference #5-9-454)


This combined stainless steel bottle-opener, penknife and screwdriver was made to a registered design in Sheffield, England on behalf of British Airways Corporation (BAC). It promotes BAC's One-Eleven, one of Britain's most successful pure-jet airliners, in terms of numbers sold. The airliners went into scheduled service in November 1968 and this promotional item presumably dates from that time, being given away to passengers during the flights. Measuring 1.75" when closed and 3" when extended, this gadget has the words BAC ONE-ELEVEN impressed on one side and an outline of the jet on the other. It also has a hook for attachment to a key ring. Being made of stainless steel, it is still in very good condition.







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Guest Fred Bear

Amazing. The world is not as it used to be mate. Plastic this, plastic that. Check this, check that. Sad really. Unfortunately those old times will never come back 049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif We can thank certain people for that one.



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But I still wonder when eyebrow tweezers are declared as an offensive weapon....


Anyone read the news report that airport security checks such as frisking are a waste of time?


I had a biz trip to the Apple Isle recently, and was frisked after setting the beeping thingo off - they wanted me to remove my super lethal cotton shoe laces, but were happy when I asked for the ok to remove the belt.. and that kept the machine quiet. (belt buckles are made of ferrous metal... shoe laces are not, okay?)


Then I was asked (TOLD?) to be subject to a random explosives check. At least the guy laughed when I said I had not eaten baked beans that day..


Oh, and you know when they ask you if yo dont mind being checked... well, turns out the legal side of things is that you do have the right to refuse. BUT, you wont get past the checkpoint, and you wont be boarding your plane.


I'm ok with making airports and flights safer, but, hey.. a bit of common sense mixed with science would not go astray.





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isnt it great watching flight crew stripped searched, in case they might be carrying weapons used that might be used in them gaining control of the aircraft!:confused:


i hate having to hijack myself every time i want to fly the aircraft! 068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif



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It was on a flight just 12 years ago that I flew to Europe on business with Lauda Air.... Chatted to one of the hosties for ages and in the course of that I admired the classy stainless steel cutlery - replete with pointy steak knives.. Then as we commenced descent same hostie came to my seat with 2 complete sets of the cutlery wrapped in a linen napkin and tied with a ribbon!


These days they count every blunt plastic knife on collection! ;-)


Postcript: Sadly, no mobile phone number wrapped inside the napkin.. 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif



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