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Bluetooth GPS Receivers (Solar)

Paul Willett

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Hi Paul,


I use a HP bluetooth receiver with my iPaq for in car / aeroplane navigation. I'm using OziExplorer on the PDA with aeronautical charts from Maptrax. Been using it for about 2 and a half years now and haven't had any problems with it. Works a treat in both the car and in the air.







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I've been using an Emtac BT GPS (SirF II) with an iPAQ 5550 and PocketFMS for 3 years and recently used the combination to navigate around Eastern Europe by car. Have never had any problems in the car or air, and still getting ~ 5hrs life out of the GPS battery ;)


Haven't seen any reports on solar versions.


Enjoy the trip,





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OK Thanks.


FWIW I am using TomTom Software on an old Dell Axim V51 running WM6.


It currently has a CF Card GPS - bulky and power hungry - but as it is Bluetooth capable this seems the better option.


I have the OziExplorer Software with WAC/VTC as well and thought I might give it a go in the Tecnam and see how it compares with my Lowrance AirMap.


Was curious if the bluetooth got RF intereference at all, but you guys seem to have it sorted.


I think the Solar supplements the battery life rather than providing independent power source.



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I bought one of those cheap ebay solar bluetooth gps receivers you may be thinking about...So far I have only used it on the dash of the car ,seems to work quite well so far with my ipaq 5550 pda ...Not actually sure how long it would go for on one charge but the longest I have driven with it is about 5 hours so far ,,,,there is also the cigarette lighter adapter too if it goes flat in case of emergency .



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I bought one of these Bad Boys..thought the plug for the external aerial might come in handy one day as well,but as of yet I have never needed the extra aerial so I never ended up buying one.



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