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Suggested list of Items for newbie


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Namaste All,


I will be starting my lessons as soon as the money train arrives and was wondering what you recommend I have prior to first flight.


Theory books aside....I'm talking about things like a Headset (brand?), kneeboard etc....dunno what i will really need to begin.:confused:


Thanx in advance for all responses





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G'day Brodie, and welcome to the forum. Indeed, welcome to the world of aviation. As you haven't yet started, I would suggest that you only get the student package from your flight school. All planes have headsets so unless you have a thing about using what's on offer, save your money. Same goes for kneeboards, stop watches GPS's and all the other paraphernalia that you might need once you have your basic license. Put your hard earned cash into lessons so that they're not spread out too much. Fly weekly if you can but don't go over 3 weeks as you will have a lot of catching up (revision)to do.



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My recommendation is


Option 1 - get nothing for the first 2 to 3 hrs. Settle in and make sure you enjoy it first and then all you will need to get is a BAK (Basic Aeronautical Knowledge book). Also a Log Book


Option 2 - get a copy of a BAK now and start reading it. Also a Log Book


Your test will be based on everything in the BAK so the sooner you can start reading it the better but you don't want to get one unless you are sure you are going to enjoy flying. There are different authors of the BAK and if you intend to go on to your PPL then the best (in my opinion) PPL book is Bob Tait's but if makes references to his version of the BAK - something to think about when choosing the BAK.


A headset is only a "nice to have" so your not swapping spit with other students but not necessary. If you do want one then don't go out and buy an expensive one yet - wait and see what your needs are first i.e. how much flying you do. Naturally the Recreational Flying headset is the best cheap one (I am biased though) and you can read the review done on them here from the Reviews menu.


When you get your Certificate then you will need to spend the money for navigation tools like a wiz wheel, protractor, ruler, timer (your watch will do), pencils and maps. A kneeboard is also a "nice to have" but remember the room you have in your aircraft. A trifold kneeboard is good as you put your wiz wheel in the middle, your flight plan on one side and flick it over for your map. But then again a clip board can suffice - did I say pencils, you can never have to many of them.


Good luck and remember to enjoy every moment.



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Thanx for the welcome.


I have been into aviation for as long as i can remember (childhood dream and all). Did a couple of hours as a teen.


Im an ex-Army AME (blackhawk-mech) and the best part of the job was the test flights!! I remember doing AFCS testing out of 5AVN (only time ive ever been airsick!) and live firing EX at Rattlesnake island (T'ville)....TAC flying to target with tracer rounds starting fires all over the place!! What a rush!! I would put my hand up to be 'ballast' at every opportunity!!


I have no doubt at all I will love it as I only have 30yrs or so left to work and I'll be damned if I'm gonna do it in retail!!049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif Time for the change NOW!!


My flight school has a starter pack which I will have to check the contents of before I buy. Cant wait. Very glad ive found this forum to search on the way....seems like a valuable resource.


Look forward to chatting to you all and maybe meeting some at some stage.





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Hi Brodie,


Again, welcome to the forum.


As far as headsets go, I would seriously look at the ones in the shop that Ian has attached to this forum. I bought a pair for my passengers and sofar my wife and mate reckon they are comfortable and work well.


I have yet to use them in a plane but have certainly tried them on and they are as comfortable as my Peltor 7004 headset (almost $500) and weight but 30 grams more..... I think it was 460 grams for the peltor and 490 for the recreational set from memory.


Price from memory is $150 with a changeover guarantee if they stuff up from memory and Ian is true to his word so buy with confidence.


I also bought a VFR trifold kneeboard from the shop. I chose the smaller of the 2 simply because of space requirements in the cockpit. I've always thought that A4 was just too big.


If you want to have a look at the headset or knee board, I'm around the lilydale area, just drop me a PM and we can have a chat.....







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