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Wake turbulence. in pics.


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Now that is spooky.... just watched the video, after telling my wife last night that the picture looked like smoke trails from a flare-firing Hercules, and nothing to do with the GlobeMaster. When she gets home I'm just gonna have to show her how clever I was!! Now then, those Lotto numbers, I think a 2, then maybe a 27, and 15 hasn't been out for a while....


Regards, Redair.



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Gotta put me glasses on....


The piccie is of a Globemaster, while the vid is of a C130 Herc firing off flares.. or am I seeing things?


The piccie could have been of the Globemaster after doing a similar thing... or the photoship, or it was Wayne Cary smoking again...:confused:





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How about... now I might be getting into space-time continuum disruptions theory here but... there were actually 3, yes 3 aircraft!? One camera ship, one firework firing Fat Albert, and one lagging-behind Globemaster, or is that just too far fetched and merely in the realms of something that could only happen in a "Never Ending Story"?006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif





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