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my first today

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Hi everyone,


Do not know if this is the right location? so here goes.


today i took my first flight instruction out with Dave of Dave's flying school at The Oaks. The last time I was PIC was a C182 in 1972 and my VP1 1976/77. Today I was into co-ordinated climbing and decending turns, ordinary turns and wow i am hooked. I enjoyed the turbulance and when we got into some solid lift, couldn't resist had to circle and do it again. I did have problems with wanting to poke the nose of the aircraft into the sky due to the other aircraft having engine cowls a lot bigger than the Jab and wasn't using 30+ Lts of fuel, wow. Those old skills just flowed back, rusty but there, I am so stocked, I'll be back, to give Dave a hard time. My other flying was with the Navy and that is no fun bullocking through like a truck and i must admit a couple of times i did look for the collective.





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Thanks Ian,


yes many more, I even have my better half on side, but when i said about "her too", there was hot talk about pigs flying, what ever that means??? So my next question is how do flying pigs keep the weight down or are they VH registered?;)



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