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Any Penfield flyers out there?


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G'day everyone,


Kaz and I have been a bit quiet on the forums of late due to a) moving from Canberra to Melbourne, b) not having a Telstra connection to our leased house yet so little or no internet access, and c) it's been nearly 7 weeks since we've flown as the CT4 is still with our LAME having a fair bit of work done and I've been trying to forget aviation while I can't fly!


Anyway back to the thread topic. Despite hopeful discussions with a few folks, it appears our plan to keep the CT4 at Point Cook will be beaten by the insurmountable red tape of the Federal Government and no amount of "who you know" seems to be helping. So our next options for a home for ARDU-CT4 were Penfield and Bacchus Marsh as the next closest fields to home suitable for the CT4. We were thinking Bacchus Marsh until we recently purchased a block of land in Gisborne and that pretty much settled the deal on Penfield as it will be a 18km / 15 minute drive from home to the airfield (as tested last Friday evening).


So....(back to the thread again)...are there any forum members who operate out of Penfield with any information that may be useful i.e. facilities, good points, bad points etc. We had a look on Friday evening while we were up that way but no-one was around due to the weather that day (screaming northerly and 40 degrees)...I did like the look of the portable hangars though...very keen to get the CT4 into a hangar in the future, especially after a paint job which she'll be getting sometime next year.


Thanks in advance for any info, comments, opinions, other.







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Guest AusDarren

I have operated out of Penfield in the past, and found it to be a good, almost all weather, strip. Fuel is a bit of an issue, and I heard the hangerage fee's went up a big Jump when the Field changed ownership last year. I have left my car parked at the field for weekends away, and never had any problems. Its big bonus is its just outside the CTA step. If you can see the top of Mt Macedon most times you can go.







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I don't understand why you would not be able to keep and aircraft that served in the RAAF at piont cook.


Red tape seems to get in the way of what is the right thing to do. 068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif


if you are looking at Penfield you might want to hurry as wallan is shutting its doors soon so it could fill up quick.





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