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landing checks

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Good photo but can't help thinking it's a fake.


Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is the planes shadow cast in the opposite direction to the sign?



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Guest palexxxx

Actually the pilot is just using his initiative. He's trying to save the government a few dollars in expensive tyre replacements. Everyone knows how expensive those F111 tyres are.





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I think the F111 was called 'PIG' by the RAAF crews from 1973 or so. I think the official USAF name was F111 'AARDVARK' which was not adopted here. An Aardvark is a mammal sometimes called an 'earth pig'.


That sounds logical.....doesn't it?





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Guest Vigilant

Peter is right, just trying to save rubber, the pilot of this F-111 was good enough to leave one of his behind when he took off


Not a fake Fozzy this aircraft dropped a wheel on take off and did a number of VERY low passes before a final approach when he snagged an arrestor cable to pull him up.


The pilot in command had only joined the squadron a couple of weeks before and was a great testament to his and his navigators skill.



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