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The forum is talking to me

Guest disperse

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Guest disperse

I logged in and it said "shouldn't you be going to bed soon troy?"


Hmmm I think I'll rename the forum to MUM !!!006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif


Nice touch Ian :big_grin:



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Guest Redair

Well what can I say... talking forum? It didn't speak to me when I logged on. Maybe my speakers weren't turned up loud enough. Mmmm, now that I've climbed back down off the filing cabinet, after jumping up there with shock at the sudden noise of Outlook Express letting me know I had mail, I have now turned the speakers back down, and discovered that it was a typed message to which Disperse referred, and not an audible one:loopy:. When the ringing in my ears stops... I'm sure I'll see the funny side! And yes Ian, I am enjoying my lunch break.... it's lasting all day.





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I wondwred what all this was about until I looked top right anmd see I am an early bird. In fact I was later than usual as Mozilla seems to want the day off and I have to use Internet Explorer for a change. It did it a couple of days ago also. Maybe it is sulking ad I have spent half of today trying toget better TV reception with a couple of expert friends of mine. No change is the answer as I already have a masthead amplifier and digital is not very good. So much for technology.



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Have I got a solution for you Ian - I am halfway through adding a radio, television, airports webcam and ATC broadcast enhancement for the forums - you can listen to a radio station from around the world or live ATC feeds while browsing the forums or have a look at an airport like Essendon embedded into our own Rec Flying pages like the way weather, airstrips etc are done:


But I think I should just let things settle down a bit now first as there have been a lot of enhancements done over the last couple of days - also coming are your own Rec Flying email addresses and more.



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Guest airsick

That cam is brilliant Ian. I just spotted two guys pushing a plane out onto the apron. Thought they were going flying but they just walked off.





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I have just been working on the Radio and TV enhancement and I seem to have got it fairly stable in Internet Explorer but it doesn't seem very stable when changing television stations in Firefox 068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif - it is great though - I was listening to radio stations from all around the world while browsing my test forums and then decided to start watching Fox Footy, switched over to Bigpond news and then watched Bigponds music chanel.


Remember I said the objective of the forums for this year was to make them more fun and more sociable. Did you know that if you get a high score in the Arcade and then someone else beats you then a PM is sent letting you know that. Also have you noticed the tournaments that can be played in the Arcade between several players.


There are still some more big things coming like separate sub forums for clubs so club members can discuss anything happening at their aero club and let's not forget the video special presentations - it's all happening right here in your forums!



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Here are some happy snaps of the TV and Radio enhancement


1. The general viewing screen




2. A bigger view screen - this even has the ABC for kids TV Channel




3. List of TV and Radio stations - 3 pages so far to chose from




4. Listening to the radio - you can select specific channels as your favourites




5. Your favourites are displayed in your profile




A BIG WARNING though - not suited to dial up or for those that have a limited amount of monthly data use on the internet but still, it is great to listen to a radio station or ATC from some airport around the world like Heathrow whilst you are browsing the forums :big_grin:













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