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New pilot, need plane

Guest Savs

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Hi All,


I am hoping to gain my licence in the next couple of months, been flying a Jabiru 160S from Lilydale.


Long term I am looking at purchasing a plane, origonally a new Jabiru 160S but now I am not sure.


I would appreciate any advice, warnings etc about the purchase of a plane.


I require something for 2 people at least with some luggage capability and preferrably capable of long distance without re-fueling.


I have one friend who has a Jabiru 160S, he says buy a Jabiru 160S.


I have another who has a Tecnam Echo, he says buy a Tecnam.


I would appreciate some advise from the wealth of experience offered through this forum,


happy flying,





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G'day Bob - welcome to the fold. 098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif


How about a J170c. The 170 is a better 160. :thumb_up:


Here's why.


Max weight 160 - 540kg - gives you 240kg payload.


Max weight 170 - 600kg - gives you 290kg payload.


Bigger wing on the 170 - stall at 40kts full flap - 160 45kts full flap


Now 5 knots may not seem that much but when you add the extra 50kgs in - its a huge difference.


The 170 will get you in the air quicker and shorter - you need to fly one to appreciate the big difference between the two aircraft.






PS the 170 is around $5000 dearer then the 160.



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Guest Redair

I know nothing.... well now that that is cleared up, my advice would be to look long and hard at lots of different types, even if you think you already know what you want. The reason being, that you might buy a plane and then discover something else that was even better, or more suited to what you want. The other benefit, (if you can call it that) is that at the end of your search, if you come back to the first aircraft you were looking at, then chances are that it WAS the right one for you. I have spent over 2 years trying to make the decision, and am now 99% set on what to buy. The more you look, the more things you will find to consider.


So, most important... Do not rush your decision, (unless of course you have millions of dollars spare, and don't mind a garden full of discarded planes!





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A large number of things to consider, high wing low wing (bubble canopies are not for me, great view but hot), and the kinds of strips you go to may determine the a/c you chose.


One important factor is spares availability and support.


Factory built Bang for buck? Tecnam make a nice plane, but cost a fair bit. J230 is probably best bang for buck in the $100K region. The J120 as an entry level is hard to beat.


Second hand.............there is so many I do not know where to start!


PM me if you want to discuss my thoughts further





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hi savs


long distance without refueling why


lots off lugage space why


high wing low wing why


high speed low speed why


storage of plane where


savs at the end off the day you are the one putting the money up do not rush in go and fly them all not just a hour


yes i do own a storch s because i wanted to have stol performance easy to hangar ie folding wings cheap to fly easy to fix my choice of plane may not suit you





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As J430 said J230 is the best bang for buck, our club purchased on earlier this year. heaps of luggage space, plenty fuel, less than 95k for the poverty pack (thats what we got) and that is all you need.


Indicates 115 kts in smooth air at 5000' uses 18.2 litres/ hour in the cruise. Less doing circuit training.


The maintenance is so much simpler than you can imagine, Won't rust!


What a fantastic machine, Very nice to fly!


Lovin It!


Cheers Guy



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Make sure you have a place to park it BEFORE you buy anything!..So look for a hangar space before you chose your aircraft............As far as I know there is no room at Lilydale, Coldstream, ect ect.(Unless you have very influential friends with their own hangar) ....Maybe at Wallan? .....There is very little hangarage available and it is expensive. This might alter your choice to a folding wing type?...or maybe a low wing to get into a hangar full of high wing types. . You cannot park it outside .... Get space FIRST....Geoff................



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