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New model Jabiru with Short field take off


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New model Jabiru with Short field take off and Landing Performance


Propeller: 2 blade in flight variable pitch fully feathering.


Height: 1150mm


Length: 1150mm


Wing Span: 6200mm


Wings: Variable chord, length, dihedral & angle of attack


Noise: generally silent


Speeds -


Vne (never exceed): 25kts


Va (max. manoeuvre): 25kts


Cruise 75% power 25kts:


Max. straight and level: 25kts


Stall Speeds at Gross Weight -


Vso: 3kts


Climb Rate: 100 ft/min. (usually when annoyed)


Empty Weight: 6Kg


Gross Weight: 7kg


Fuel: Fish, Mollusks, and amphibians


Fuel Consumption: 0.5-2 Mollusks per hour


Undercarriage: amphibious


Facilities: Inflight Toilet


Payload: 2 to 4 eggs


Take Off Distance: – Groundroll 0.5m (1.6ft)


Landing Distance: – Groundroll 1m (3.3ft)


Glide Ratio: 21:1 or more


Available colours: Mostly white, but black nose.


Crosswind Component: 14kts


Flaps: Quite a lot


Approvals: World Wildlife Fund


Navigation system: Inertial, solar references.


Avionics: Squawk only


Price: priceless


Availability: At a zoo near you




You lookin' at my bird?



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