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what tyre pressure?

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Does anyone know what the tyre pressures are meant to be for an Airborne Edge X (called a Classic nowadays) Microlight? particularly for the left and right main tyres as they just started to look slightly under inflated.


I checked the airborne manual and decals on the base tube, nothing is mentioned about tyre pressures which is rather strange as this info I think is important. Also is there a rule of thumb with different tyre pressures for sealed or grass or dirt runways?


thanks in advance





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Between 15-18psi will do just fine. Use a bicycle pump and a pressure gauge you can buy from Repco. Keep both in your side-pocket on the trike. Make sure you have a spare connector-piece (from pump to tube-fitting) for the pump as well because they don't last forever.


You can buy some very fancy bike pumps these days, but take a tip and buy a cheap Zefal brand, just a bog-standard pump but good quality.



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