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My family trip to Queensland


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Here are some happy snaps of my recent trip from Melb - Gold Coast - Canberra - Melb.


It was a long drive up so any chance for a stop and look




The beautiful wife and kids on the train at Sea World




What you can get up to when you are left on your own 010_chuffed.gif.c2575b31dcd1e7cce10574d86ccb2d9d.gif






Called in at Hecks Field as a working bee was underway (except for this guy) ;) - great place and I was made very welcomed




Still at Hecks Field - check out the size of the wheels




Again at Hecks Field where a spitfire kit is getting put together




Now I was extremely lucky to catch up with Peter (Turtle) who organised for me to go up with Warwick in their J200 for a great flight - Thanks Peter and Warwick, I really owe you big time.

















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Hi Ian


Thank you for the snaps good to put a face to the name


now all I have to do is look forward to meeting you.


Thank you for sharing your family with us also the smiles would suggest they are having a great time.





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Guest David C

Ian ,


Thanks for sharing your photo's with us . Like Don said it is great to put faces to names and I look forward to meeting up one day , Narromine 2007 perhaps ? .


Dave .



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Thanks guys - yes I will be at Narromine 07 (with bells on) and we all must catch up and as you say it is good to put a face to a name and just so I am easy to spot here is an image of me to look out for





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