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just landed

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Hello people


I am a trike pilot flyin out of a private strip at heybridge on the north coast of tassy!


I am new to flying with around 60 hrs experience and am happy to learn what i can from anyone



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Guest Macnoz

Gee you shouldnt bee too busy converting from a Jab to a Gazelle --- now going the other way might be different.


anyway -- welcome to you both.





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thanks fellas


i think on a clear day we could almost see each other henry!well it does seem like that anyways he,he.


I have a friend that has just recently purchased a trike identical to mine and gained his licence also flys from cuprona (heybridge)we havent coverd a lot of distance yet,weve had a trip to smithton and georgetown but hope todo sum bigger flights as we learn more of the area!



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Thanks cazza


The only aircraft i'd bin in before my training i was served a cup of tea and biscuits:pig:and that wasnt very often!so yep it was a challenge for me but it does feel good when you learn new skills dont it:clap:



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