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where to buy WAC charts ?

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Clear Prop should get their new issue of ERSA's, VNC's and WAC's later this week - they are slightly cheaper then Air Services



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Ian, were you able to get spiral bound ERSA's?

Kaz, I have 10 of them coming in this week - the new edition has just been released - once I have them in stock I will add them to the shop.

Arriving this week are:


10 x ERSA




2 x Melb


2 x Syd/Bris


2 x Adel


2 x Newcastle


WAC's are still current i.e. haven't been updated and I have a few of them dust damaged in stock


If anyone needs any please tell me and I will up the order to suit if needed. I only get the chance to return 1 of each if they don't sell before the next editions come out so I have to be careful of what stocks Clear Prop has at any one time.



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i got my new ERSA last week on friday from the ballarat aero club :( sorry i to did not know clear prop would have them :( . on a good note though... does clear prop have WAC (3556)(3469)(3470)(3546)(3547)(3356)(3357)(3340)



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