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Hi All


The last CT I had had the Bendix King Skymap 3c in it which is a very good GPS and it was connected to the Autopilot. They worked really well together on trips putting a flight plan into the GPS and the autopilot just followed it from waypoint to waypoint.


I now need to urgently consider (have to spec it up now) which GPS I am going to go for in my new CT that will also come with an autopilot. The good thing about the Skymap is that if I go with that again it will be factory fitted, working properly, no installation issues and connected to the autopilot. But, I am also impressed with the Avmap GPS especially with its screen size. I don't know if it is true or not but I heard that it has slower communication to the autopilot then the skymap and there have been warranty issues with them plus the other problem would offcourse be that I would have to fit it myself which is an unknown ?????.


I don't like the Garmins as they are small for my eyesight.


Someone also suggested that why not have a look at these new tablet PCs that you could do so much more with - hmmmm sounds really nice but and big buts with that.


So, as I have to quickly decide on what to do about a GPS can any of you guys offer me your thoughts or suggestions. Are there any other good GPS's out there that could be panel fitted.





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I think you'll find that the AvMap now has no trouble supporting an autopilot as the latest software upgrade has addressed that issue .... see the below taken from their website.


Latest upgrade also has TAWS.


However check with the importer re the autipilot as I havean EKPIVon order but no hands on experience with it.


Hope this helps.


Regards Geoff






….yourEKP-IV goes smarter with thelatest software updates:


More Complete:


EKP willinclude Private Airports – with search options of the nearest private airport.


More Information:


Victor Airways included – WORLD PREMIERE


More Reliable:


With the TAWS -Terrain Awareness and Warning System


The EKP is more flexible:


Now it is possible to edit the Checklists and save 10 of them with different names for different vehicles.


Up to 15 Flight Plans of 100 legs each – you can edit and save an active FP.


More Quick:


4 Baud rate options: 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400) and auto baud rate


Delay removed in the NMEA output (10 msec)


Simpler Interface:


with the new NAVDATA page, you can get all the information you need in no time.


HIS displaying (Horizontal Situation Indicator) standardized.


Hardware Innovations


More Sensible:


The new GPS Sirf Star III receiver for a more accurate fix.



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Most of the Avmap I've supplied/fitted were with the 'old' software version and they have (had?) problems driving an Autopilot due to the data stream issue however IF this problem really is fixed (to be verified) in the latest software then the Avmap is my choice too.


cheers, jakesmiley1.gif



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