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Airport Security


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On the local TV news tonight 28-05-2008 a police task force was shown in the process of reviewing the security of Griffith airport.


Griffith AD is a security controlled Airport. CTAF-AFRU 126.55®


There was also an announcement of an upgrading of the RPT terminal and the lenghthening of the main runway from 1503 m to 1700 m and the installation of a taxiway presumably for the full length of the extended runway. I hope the taxiway will be capable of taking the RPT aircraft the full length of the main runway.




According to the TV news, the task force is due to review Narrandera airport security tomorrow 29-05-2008.


Narrandera AD is a security Controlled Airport with main runway at 1616 m in length. CTAF-AFRU 126.7



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At Griffith:-


The only intruders that were written up in recent years were some Kangaroos that did not know they were not allowed on the main runway and caused a light plane to have major trauma.


My only personal experience of intruders were some unsecured galahs, maybe 20 or 30 of them, that decided to take off across the main strip in front of me just after I was getting airborne in a Jabiru probably about 50 feet up - lowered the nose, cut the throttle and went under them then plenty of strip left so continued the takeoff.



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It must be wonderful flying from Griffith. I loved it when I was there for a few days. Good airport, good club, free sky.


And not one single person showed any interest at all in looking at my ASIC (in fact no one has ever showed any interest in looking at it, other than friends who want to laugh at the awful photo).



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Guest airsick

Come to Canberra Mazda. The AFP here seems hell bent on looking at ASICs to the point that it is ridiculous.


Mine was flapping around one day and ended up resting against my body with the picture facing inwards. An AFP numpty came along and asked to see it. I turned it around to show him and he grumbled at me to keep it facing out in future or I could face a fine!


Bear in mind that I was wearing it in the CASA provided holder on the CASA provided strap too. It isn't security, it is just an ineffectual illusion of security.



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ASIC reminds me of the gold builders/trades licence.


Assemble reams of documentation and pay a fee to have it. Didn't mean anything to anyone so it eventually died from not achieving anything.


I'd hoped ASIC met with a similar fate but unfortunately, it hasn't happened yet.



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This one seems to have a way of growing itself.


Even through RAAust the fee is now $160 according to their downloaded forms.


I submitted documentation for my ASIC renewal through Wally Rudin last week at Narrandera and was not required to send off my old ASIC card before the new one arrives. I posted it off to the RAAust in Canberra.


It will be interesting to see how long it takes to arrive and what they want to do with the old card.



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