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My Drifter

Blue Drifter

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Guest Juliette Lima

Hello Brian,


Congratulations for taking the path you have. Wayne Fisher does a great job on refurbishing Drifters. We are lucky to have someone so committed to the type.


I'm on my third (probably last) Drifter from Wayne....one certified rebuild and two Fisher Mk1....the latest a 912....MAGIC.


Very little beats the front seat of a Drifter and if you know how to 'rug up', they are great all year round, not to mention shorts in summer.


Pity the movement has lost sight of how necessary these types are in the scheme of affordable and safe Recreational Flying.







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Guest micgrace

Hi john


I reckon not much beats chucking a Drifter around. Pity they are starting to disappear from training establishments.


Micgrace :)



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I agree, it is a shame that the "Harley of the Heavens" is on the decline in schools. I had an ops inspection a while ago and it turned out that I was one of the few operators still using them. They make a wonderful training platform, have a great power to weight ratio and need to be flown well to get the most out of them, unlike the vanilla ice-cream that is available now. But realistically I don't suppose I'd want to commute to Tassie every week in one.



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Hi Blue Drifter,


I`ve Just had a look at your Drifter and I was supprised to see a front wheel,


never seen one before,what do you think of it,does it make the aircraft any better,what happens if you land a bit hard nose down.







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Cable Braced Drifter.


Hi Callide,


Good to see someone else is wanting to keep the drifters flying,I`ve had one since they were first certified and a lot of pilots learnt to fly in it,they are a good,safe,fun and relatively cheap aircraft to own.


One of the things to watch out for is rust in the cables,this may not be such a problem out west however it is still something to watch,what may appear to be patches of dust on the wires can in fact be rust,check them carefully,they do snap.


If the rudder and aileron cables are even a bit susspect,replace them,as you can`t inspect them in the middle.







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