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Foxcon Terrier

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Can anyone tell me anything about the foxcon terrier,web site is pretty vague and we are trying to find out if this is a nice plane to fly,and am also wondering what thoughts anyone has on the subaru engine.



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funnily enough, i began instructing in a Foxcon Terrier 200C this weekend..


first impression, very roomy inside. first drawback, the castoring nosewheel, although there is usually no difficulty in taxiing with a castoring nosewheel, on the terrier, the nosewheel can rotate to a position where it will be truck by the propellor blade! not good. so you have to be absolutely sure the wheel is in a safe position before startup. apart from that, it has effective brakes, and taxies pretty well.


second thing i noticed, it has a very effective and powerful rudder! great on the ground, good boost of power, and full rudder, and it will turn on the spot. in the air, its very effective.


in the air, the controls are firm. similar to a big GA aircraft. and the trim, well, its a bungee cord only. and although its seams primitive, it does work ok, and trimming straight and level is pretty easy.


the only big negative i have so far is the flaps. they are very large, and i have been informed that full flap can kill you. even using second stage flap required almost full power to maintain speed on a decent descent angle! so i dont dare use anything more that that! quite simply the aircraft doesnt have enough power to overcome the drag and maintain level flight with full flap. great in a vertical dive i would imagine..


i only have 2 hrs now in the terrier, but will keep up to date on how it goes..



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