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Digital emergency beacon

Guest Marius Grobler

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Ditto.. Im in the market for 2..


Ian, are they available in the 'shop'? I just looked and cant see any.. In fact "Clear Prop" seems to be only partly functioning right now (?)



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GME will only supply to shop fronts - I have tried to get them but no go.


If you want them I would suggest you contact Gregg at Gee Bees at Essendon Airport on 03 9379-0747 and tell him that Ian from Recreational Flying sent you - he will probably do them cheaper for you and a far better person to deal with.


Let me know what happens



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Hi Marius


There have been a few articles appearing in the last couple of years re EPIRBs or PLBs. Afraid I don't have them with me to search just at the moment. Probably worth a google or hunt through your old magazines.


One thing did I notice in your initial email is that you were quoting a GME MT410, this unit does not have a GPS, the MT410G has an internal GPS. Basically this means if you are ever in the unfortunate position to need it the 410 will give SAR a 5 km radius to work within whereas the 410G will give them a location down to 120m to search for you.


This might not make a huge difference in time taken to find you if you're on the open plain with your aircraft clearly visible but if you're in the valleys in the Blue Mountains where the trees make it almost impossible to find anything except on foot it could make a huge difference. They could easily be searching in the next valley if you don't have the GPS version.


To put this into context, I've read your chance of surviving an aircraft crash if found within 8 hours is 60%, after 2 days it falls to 10%. I think if you're investing this sort of money on your life the extra is worth it.


GME, Aussie company and in my (limited) experience they make good equipment, I'm buying the 410G :-)


BTW A couple of months ago I had a look around at pricing and found the cheapest place to buy them were the yacht chandlers, www.Whitworths.com.au / www.BiasBoating.com.au, they both have the 410G for $589. I’m now waiting for the Sydney Boat Show (a couple of weeks away) to see if I can pick a show special otherwise I’ll be ducking up to ww or bias (but only after I check Ian's contact at Essenden :-)





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Guest The Bushman

Hi found my unit on ebay at $399 was a electronic shop in gawler S.Aust


Non GPS model


The Bushman



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