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Yo Cletus!


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Guest palexxxx
Good to know I'm now Charlie Ray McTrailer



We're related, I'm your little brother, Scooter McTrailer.:big_grin::big_grin:



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Guest pecram air

Dear bro


Dear Scooter,


I am writing this slowley as I know you cant read to fast. Ma and us 16 kids are missing ya at the trailer. Good to know you are doing so well only 2 years and five months till ya get out. I am so pleased to hear from ya bro.


Your Bro


Charlie Ray



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haha my wifes name has just came up as Candice lee Hornblower, I don't know why the sirname has turned out different? Oh thats right we are rednecks and she is my fifth wife:faint:



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Guest Wingman98

Well Billy Ray, Nice to meet ya! I'm yer younger bruther Walden Chickensworth. By the way, can I have my teeth back when you finished eating?



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