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Hi All,


I am new to the forum and thought I would say hello.


I am currently learning to fly a microlight (and dreaming about my first purchase).


The information I have gained from this forum already has been great, however I do have one question I would like some feedback on. My trike experience to date has been in a 912, however due to budget constraints I will probably have to buy a 2nd hand 582. It has been suggested to me that due to my size (108kg) that I would be better off with a 912 (for the extra lift should I ever be in a situation to need it when carrying a passenger). Can anyone relate their experiences with a 582 in this regards?





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Each microlight aircraft is certified and registered to carry a maximum weight (MTOW). The total weight of the aircraft + fuel + pilot + passenger + anything else it's carrying cannot exceed the MTOW as documented in the aircraft's Pilot Operating Handbook.


Therefore your weight is not the issue, it's the total weight that matters. The aircraft will be able to fly safely at or below its MTOW.


Having said that, another general rule is that for a given power setting a slow wing will provide better lift than a fast wing.


So as long as you fly at or below MTOW the lift won't be an issue. You just have to decide whether you want to fly faster or slower, how long it takes you to get to places you want to go, and how much it costs you per hour to operate each wing+engine configuration.



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Guest Crezzi
Therefore your weight is not the issue, it's the total weight that matters.

Unfortunately this isn't entirely accurate - for some trikes the POH also specify a maximum weight per seat. It comes from the loading used for the heavy landing testing I believe. A limit of 100kg per occupant is not uncommon but its even less on some older trikes.


Its also worth pointing out that being below the MTOW doesn't guarentee that the climb rate is adequate for safe flight. Taking off solo from sea level I climb in excess of 1500fpm but the same trike taking off from 5000ft in the heat of the desert with a passenger and camping gear I've had got a climbrate of only 150fpm. Even though I wasn't exceeding the MTOW, I wouldn't have got off the ground with a 582. An extreme example maybe but hopefully you can see the principle.







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G'day Bluey,


My first trike was a edge x with a streak 1 wing with a 582 blue top, I weighed about 105 kgs when I had that. The manual stated that max pilot and passenger weight was 100kg per seat so I guess I was 5kgs over the recommended weight for the seat. I flew about 180 hrs in that machine and had no problems at all or with rate of climb 2 up but always made sure I never took anyone weighing over 100kgs in the rear seat.


As with any type of aircraft any additional weight will reduce your rate of climb but I had no problems most days 2 up of maintaining around 700 fpm climb under full noise unless it was a warm summers evening then I would lose a couple of hundred feet per minute but that is the norm for most aircraft anyways.


There are a few good second hand 582's around but I would look at something with as least hrs on it as possible as what price do you put on yourself, these days some people are getting up to 800+ on the blue tops before rebuilding them ( recommended by rotax for a new crank is 300hrs),


I guess when you look in the incidents in some mags you will see engine failures in some instances of 582's at under 200 hrs but any engine can fail at anytime even the 912's. basically with the 2 bangers you need to make sure the fuel lines, the carby intake rubbers are in good nick you filter your fuel with a mr funnel you change the spark plugs every 25 hrs even if they look good, also use a good brand of 2 stroke oil


, I used penrite TC 40 when I had mine but I don't think they make that anymore.


2 strokes work a darn sight harder than the 4 strokes but in reality they have far less moving parts than a 4 stroke so less things theroretically should go wrong, but they are critical with air leaks, egt's ect.


I ended up buying a 912 on the basis that would be wearing out the 582 as I average well over 100 hrs a year and the 912 has a TBO of 1500 hrs, the other advantages of the 912 is the fuel burn is about 5 lph less and the plugs only need changing every 200hrs and it flys 10 kts faster than my old one plus it has a range of almost 700 kms compared to 350 on the 2 stroke, I change the oil & filter on the 912 every 50 hrs as I think oil is cheap.


I guess it depends on how much you are willing to spend and what sort of flying you plan to do, mid you the 582 is still a capable touring aircraft as I flew a few good trips in mine minus a passenger as I carried 20 lts in the back seat.


Just make sure as with any aircraft you are looking at has a up to date log book and all the numbers add up, if it doesn't just walk away no matter what the seller tells you, you can get a fair idea of it's condition just by looking at it, also if you are too not sure get someone who is into trikes to go look at it with you, normally your instructor can do this for a small fee.


As you will be the one handing out your hard earned it pays to get the best your money can buy.


Hope this gives you a bit of insight.







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:thumb_up:. Thanks all for your feedback. I take everyones point about not skimping on the maintenance and perhaps I could lose a little weight.thumb_down






PS And Alf, thanks for the good advise with purchasing.



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