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kiwi landed


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Guys, I have created a separate forum called RAANZ for you to use if you want to discuss anything on your own governing body.


Plus I am hoping that there is going to be a spiel on the forums in the next upcoming edition of the RAANZ Magazine to hopefully get a few more Kiwis here - after all we are all flying together



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Actually Ian there are two "microlight" organisations in NZ


RAANZ - http://raanz.org.nz/wiki/pmwiki.php


SAC - http://www.sportflying.co.nz/


Both seem to co-exist and i'm not aware of any politics. I chose where i wanted to learn based on it's location and never even considered what organisation it was. In my case it was at TeKowhai with SAC. I'm a member of SAC but have no real interest in it's activites other than being the organisation that issues and monitors my license.



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hi phil,


i have a hangar at NZKK and fly from there. my plane (ZK-EWW) is currently at the manuafacturer in slovakia getting the new generation wings fitted and should be back in NZ late october or early november.



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Guest pelorus32
Hi,just landed and am flying a dynamic WT9 in the bay of islands, Northland New Zealand.


G'day Kevin,


your post brings back memories. I grew up about 500 metres down the road from NZKK. It's a bit of a different strip now to what it used to be in the 70s.


How do you like the Dynamic? How's Bruce Drake going? Is he still the agent?


Welcome BTW!







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hi Mike,


yes, Bruce is still the agent. His demo aircraft is also in Slovakia getting a new set of wings, whilst he and Rae are crew for his son Ross, currently representing NZ at the World gliding championships in germany.


Dont know shepparton very well, but used to fly from Lilydale a lot and also to Col Campbell strip at lakes entrance. this was purchased a while back by my ex-business partner and has been lenghtened sealed and huge hangars installed for his toys.


NZKK now has 6 flights a day from AKL





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