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Light plane missing en route to Brisbane


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Queensland aviation authorities are investigating the disappearance of a light plane en route to Brisbane


The Cessna aircraft failed to arrive at Archerfield airport in Brisbane after leaving Bankstown airport in Sydney on Sunday morning.


Australian Search and Rescue says the aircraft refuelled at Scone in northern New South Wales, but has not been seen since.



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Light plane carrying three missing


From news.com.au


September 15, 2008 07:06am


Article from: AAP


CONCERNED family members have notified authorities after a Cessna aircraft carrying three people failed to arrive in Brisbane on a flight from Sydney.


The plane took off from Bankstown in Sydney yesterday morning and landed at Scone, north-west of Newcastle, to refuel before departing for Archerfield Airport in Brisbane.


The plane never arrived.


There has since been no contact with the aircraft or people onboard.


The travellers did not lodge a flight plan with authorities, who were unaware of the missing plane until notified by worried family members.


Australian Search and Rescue (AusSAR) is calling for any members of the public who may have seen or heard the light aircraft in the Scone to Quirindi area yesterday to contact them on 1800 815 257.


AusSAR has also asked pilots of other planes who were flying through the area yesterday to make contact.


AusSAR started a search for the plane at about 5.30 (AEST) this morning in the area between Scone and Archerfield.



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The weather in the upper Hunter was pretty crappy yesterday until mid afternoon. lots of storm fronts moving thru coming from the nth wst. some visious looking cells amongst it..it would have made flying over the ranges and getting thru the passes a bit iffy.





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Searchers spot possible plane wreckage


By Steve Gee


September 15, 2008 11:48am


Article from:


  • Wreckage spotted by searchers looking for plane
  • Plane with three onboard was flying interestate
  • Queensland pilot, wife and child were fliers




AUTHORITIES have found wreckage that could be a light aircraft that went missing on a flight from New South Wales to Brisbane with three people on board.


A search helicopter sighted wreckage that could be a light plane around noon (AEST) today at Hanging Rock, about 85km southeast of Tamworth, in northern NSW.


"One of the search's helicopters has sighted wreckage that appears to be aircraft from the air and that helicopter is currently investigating whether this wreckage is an aircraft and whether or not it is the aircraft in question,'' Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) spokesman Michael Spinks said.



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Guest Pabloako

A bit more news from the Brisbane Times


Authorities have found the wreckage of a light plane that went missing en route to Brisbane yesterday.


The pilot, a woman and a seven-year-old boy, all from Brisbane, were killed in the crash.


A CareFlight helicopter spotted the wreckage in rugged bushland 55km north-east of Scone in central New South Wales on a peak at an elevation of 1500m.


It is believed the pilot was returning home from Sydney having just purchased the single-engine Cessna 206.


"The aircraft, being piloted by a 39-year-old Brisbane man, left Bankstown airport about 8am yesterday with two passengers, a 38-year-old Brisbane woman and her seven-year-old son,'' police said.





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Sad sad day..... again....


i took off from mailtland yesterday arvo in a cherokee, i planned to leave in the morning but it was an absolute no go.. white wall evrywhere with lots of black mixed in..


Thoughts are with the famil;y's...


Any word on rating's held by the PIC?



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I don't know what ratings he held nor do I know first hand what the weather was like up that way but what I do know is that an IFR rating doesn't mean you should fly into a storm cell.


I have always maintained that even with an IFR rating I would be reluctant to fly into bad weather. I like the thought of being able to 'punch through' the clouds into good weather on top and then safely descend at my destination but I wouldn't advocate flying through a storm. Even airliners avoid them!


That said, I sympathise with the family and friends of these people. Regardless of the cause of the accident it is still a sad day.



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"President of the Scone Aeroclub Neville Partridge said he had been told by investigators that the pilot was not instrument-rated, which meant he had to rely on visual indicators to navigate"


quote from "the Australian"


-such a tragedy - God rest their souls and comfort the family and friends left behind



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Guest High Plains Drifter

There was a camera crew filming departing aircraft at YBAF today - I missed the TV news, did we suffer another beat-up ?



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