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Need to replace battery

louise skidmore

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Has anyone replaced a battery yet ?Maybe not, my Oskar is one of the oldest Tecnams around.


Can anyone give me advice as to which Odyssey battery I need, Brucereckoned thereis one which fits OK if you remove the metal jacket - and where to get it. Or, any alternatives? Bearing in mind that I live in qld west of the range.


Any feedback gratefully received!



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Hi Louise




I own a Sierra 2002 but presume your machine has the same battery as mine….should be a Fiamm 6H4P according to the manual.




I cannot locate any dealers for Fiamm batteries in Australia on the web.




I haven’t measured the battery dimensions myself, but from web research they are listed as:


Length 186mm


Width 82mm


Height 173mm


You will need to check these are accurate.




The Odyssey PC 680 is almost dimensionally the same (within a few millimeters) and rated at 17 ah @20 hour rate.




You will need to check and see if the terminal connectors are compatible.




Go to odysseyfactory.com and click on specifications and check it out for yourself……..then click on dealer locator and select Asia/Australia, then Queensland for your nearest dealer.




Sorry I can’t help you more…..my machine is less than 12 months old so haven’t had the need!




Please keep us informed… and when you find the correct battery let us know!!











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Hiya, Thanks for your reply - I had some good advice from Linda and have installed the Odyssey PC 680 as she did.


In Oz they come with SAE fittings but the right size allan keyremoves these and reveals a simple screw in terminal position, which keeps the cables almost flush with the top of the batttery.


Because there's no cover to these terminals I've stuck some foam liner/insulation to the metal top of the battery cavity just in case. It's a cosy fit.


The PC680 packs a lot of punch, but doesn't come cheap at $290. I went to a solar/auto electrical fellow who deals with boat & motorhome systems and solar stand-alones, and he was$20 cheaper than the nearest aviation dealer.


It's a far superior battery to the FIAM.





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Hi Louise


Jabiru at Bundaburg, Qldsupply Odyssey batteries with the Jabiru kits. The one supplied with the Jabiru J160 is the Odyssey PC 625 see the user sheets below that come with it. Presumably they supply single batteries to anyone.

















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Guest micgrace



Just a suggestion.


Some suppliers have a very rigid policy on supply of goods direct to public. They will only supply to the end retailer. I'm out of this game too long ago to remember exactly who the wholesale distributor is in Australia.


If stuck, Odessey batteries are sold through high end car stereo installation companies. (I'm not recommending anyone)Perhaps they could be of help? Also have nice extras like 24k ($$) plated electrical fittings etc


Micgrace :)



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We use Odyysey batteries in the Jab and they appear to be available form any local battery supplier. (we are based at Caboolture)


in the smaller towns the battery shops will have no trouble to access them through their wholesale network. They are just not usually kept in stock as they are not used that frequently.



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I have just ordered an Odyssey battery for my P92, It didnt come cheap down this way either.. 320 bucks..


I am hoping it will make a difference from the standard Fiamm as it struggles to kick over the heavy duty starter motor which was installed 20 hours ago..


Since, had 2 flat battery incidents.. So I am hoping the Odyssey can power the heavier starter motor efficiently.







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Replacement Batteries


A couple of the Bravos I have seen here in the US (including mine) came from the factory with EuroStart batteries, a brand apparently not available in this country. I replaced mine about 8 months ago with a readily available PowerSonic PS-12180 motorcycle battery which fit perfectly into the battery box. It's a lot cheaper than the equivalent Odyssey battery, and so far has worked out really well. I found I had to replace my battery when I tried to start my engine with a low battery voltage and blew the master fuse (a situation covered in other thread). The 2-year-old EuroStart battery would not hold a charge well. We'll see how well the PowerSonic does in that regard when I can't fly very often this winter (we're getting about 9 inches of snow right now!)



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