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Syndicate or buy outright?


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A discussion in August under the heading "Private Ownership" gave me lots to think regarding buying/renting an aircraft. Thanks Nosmo and Ken de Vos for the facts and figures you posted - really helped. Unless those Lotto numbers fall my way, current finances present me with the options of buying a second hand Gazelle or Skyfox, or getting into a syndicate for a slick new composite aircraft. This aircraft would be put online at a flying school and hired out for touring, and have the financial and tax advantages.


My aim is to fly as much as I can, as cheaply as possible [i suppose that's everyones aim] - 100+ hours a year, complete the occasional tour of the state and fly to Narromine at Easter. I really enjoy flying rag and tube.


Hasanyonehad experience with syndicate ownership or heard from others about the issues? Has anyone put an aircraft online at a flying school and know if it works out?


Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.







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Unable to comment on syndicates but an a/c online is NOT yours, all you get is a lower cost when you are allowed to fly it by more important people (like the student who failed to turn up for the last lesson). My experience was financially rewarding but that was in a different era.



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Hi Trevor, Putting a plane on line in my opinion is not the best move you could make ,if its abusy school you may not get a fly when you want it ,also the maintenance costs are very high and the aircraft gets a good hammering. the other alternative is Flyshare, you and a few of your friends should get together and ring greg on 02 9918 8375. He will put a plan together for you. You will be surprised how little it might cost you Happy flying Mike



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