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I have a Navman Fuel Mizer that has worked just fine until a short while ago but now it has become intermittent. The display is alight, and but only ocassionally shows some fuel flow details.


I have checked for fuel blockages, loose wires and bad comnnections but it all seems OK. Anyone have any ideas?


I have tried to contact the dealer that I bought it from but to no avail. Does anyone know if there still a dealer or where I could buy parts or a replacement unit?




Ian Donaldson



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I have the same problem.


Asked Aircraft Spruce for quote for a new transducer on 8 Oct. After two reminders they finally replied last night with quote of US$293.95 plus postage. This is their price for a complete assembly thus assume they do not sell seperately. Not nice!


At the same time tracked down Ole Jensen who was the distributer before he retired and purchased this morning his last transducer. The new distributer is Mike Puhl. His site is www.downwindtechnology.com .His price was less than Aircraft Spruce but have not questioned him if they sell seperately as my need has been met.


Ole Jensen pointed out some points that could help:


1.The marine gauge is different to the the aircraft gauge which has been modified to Aust Engr Order HEO-469 and certified for CAO 95-25 even though the body is the same. Navman offers no warrenty on marine gauge in aircraft. Ole says the marine gauge normally has a short life,


2.Naveman only sells in batches of 250+ thus the need for a distributer, now Mike.


3.The cable should never be coiled but shortened to the min length required.


4.Cable should be run away from all radio sets and antenna cables.


5.Gauge should be located as far as possible from radio sets.


6.Blowing into transducer with mouth, compressed air, water etc can stuff it up. I know this is different to the manual which rearly makes it a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't!


7.Resetting to manufactures settings then recaliberating might help. Contact me if you don't know method.


I have failed 4,5 &6. Thus little hope I can solve my problems. Have got it working but the output is s**t: but now have new transducer.


Have not checked mine yet but Ole said transducer wired;1(black), 2(white), and 3(earth).



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I must admit that this Navman stuff is a mystery to me. What would be the difference to a unit to be used in a plane to that used in a boat.


The order (HEO 469) that Ole quotes is not on record with CASA so we don't know what the alterations are. Perhaps if Heon has some contact with him maybe he could ask for the details of the modifications? That would answer a lot of questions.


I note that Ole says that the marine gauge is different to the aviation gauge, but is the transducer the same for both models? My gauge works just fine, but the fault is with the transducer.


I did a bit of Googling and found Marine Parts www.partman.com has these units complete for $153.95.That seems to be a reasonable price for a complete unut.







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While I will rebuild a twin overcam engine I have trouble getting the pos and neg correct to a battery.


I think the difference is in the transducer.


Ole is retired and I said to him that I will not bring him into the discussion. If I have said too much, or have not been able to answer all the questions so be it.


I have tried to help but am not prepared to go any further....sorry!



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Guest The Bushman

Beware if you clamp the hose to the unit it will stop very lightly clamp hose all so lightly


The Bushman



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Guest Zpilot



If you guys are still here :


The NAVMAN fuel mizer seems very inexpensive to other fuel flow indicators.


Is this brand a good quality for my experimental airplane or should I purchase the Mizer from Aircraft Spruce ?




Steve W.


Jabiru 3300A


[email protected]



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Guest The Bushman

Fuel flow


Am using a boat tranducer and have been for some years after the one supplied with the unit stopped because i tightened the hose clamp


once you have done that replace with a boat unit and store the other unit away and after time it will be ok as the plastic hose connecton will move back to its original position that is if you have not distroyed it and make sure you have filter a before the unit and not after the pump and need to calibrate at least once a year to a 20 lt drum after checking volume from Bowzer pump


Boat unit only last a short time Frog @@@@ just a selling point same as unit is modifiyed, sealed unit never being touched just added sticker


Unit anywhere from $190 to $150 shop around


Best gauge in my dash tells you what is happening under the bonnet


last purched from unit was from a boat shop in mildura


The Bushman:kboom:



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