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Hi All


I want to start a "Fuel Watch" part of the site where you can find the last known price of fuel at a specific airport but not exactly sure how to go about it.


The problem is how do we keep it updated and as current as possible?



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Guest airsick

I am not sure but I think Avgas tends to fluctuate in price less than unleaded (I have never paid that much attention so I could be wrong here) so it would only have to be updated say, once a week. A few volunteers could check the price when they go to their local airport for a flying session and it would then not be too far out of date.



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Hi Ian,


It may be worth having a chat to these guys: Welcome to ProFuel as they provide this service as well as offer discounts / fuel cards etc....kinda like what's already been discussed elsewhere on the forum. The Australian Warbirds Association has recently engaged Profuel for it's members whereby discounts of up to 20c per litre are on offer.







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