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Tie 'em down!


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Got these pics from a mate the other day. Apparently the story is that a Cessna Conquest was parked at the Balera Gas Fields Airstrip in SW QLD, when a freak wind squall picked it up and tossed it 120 meters away into a telegraph pole, severely damaging the tail, fuse and wings.


The pics are the end (and very expensive) result of dismantling and transporting to Sydney for repairs. If it did that to such a large plane then imagine a poor little jabbi or savannah!







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Tie 'em down


Sometimes happens on the road as well, reminds me of the story an old cattleman told in an outback pub.


"I used ter ave two planes, a little one and a big one to go to town.


"Hit the hangar with the big one one night, so I put it on a semi and sent it to town to be fixed.


"The driver didn't tie er down well enough and she fell orf.


"The road was dusty and he didn't see.


"Drug er for 8 mile and then she was ******.


"Only got the little one now."



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Guest Maj Millard

And hey who the hell ties down helicopters, had an R44 just sitting there minding it's own busness this time last year with rotors parked.. Along comes a big storm spitting all kind of nasty twister thingos. One picks up the Robbo, pirouettes it around on its nose a couple of times, and then slams it onto the deck. A complete write off for a not very old chopper. the cabin/fuslage of a Robbo is pretty aerodynamic when you look at it. 024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif036_faint.gif.544c913aae3989c0f13fd9d3b82e4e2c.gif



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