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760kg (MTOW)


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In the current edition of Australian Pilot, page 8 there is an article headed (RA-Aus explores the need to get heavier) which quotes Lee Ungermann as to the reasons why. Included in the article are two photos of a Drifter. To the uneducated toward our movement this weight goal must be akin to the Wright Bros stepping from the Wright Flyer and attempting to take of in a Rockwell Commander. A photo of a Technam, Jabiru or the likes would have made it look like a smaller stepping stone. Perhaps they got the desired result. Having flown most of the light stuff I have nothing against the Drifter or the likes, they"re good fun. A different photo would have done the cause better.


There is also a good article ASIC Card and The self administration of the SAAA. I find it hard to see CASA letting two large organisations so closely aligned operating as separate entities.032_juggle.gif.8567b0317161503e804f8a74227fc1dc.gif



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The days of single "Controlling Bodies" are over because the Government Department and the Group become the defendents in Public Liability actions.


The trend is to specialist representation where the people reaping the rewards pay for the public liability, and because they usually know their own business better, they usually manage it better.



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