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My new Fly Cat 46


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Hi all,


Just wanted to show off my new toy. I am no longer a member of a RC plane club for a few reasons, 1 it costs more a year to stay a member that a years membership to RA AUS and two why pay that much to put up with all the bull ???? that goes on in those places aswell, like guy punching each other beacuse apparently their model is 2 db too loud for their delicate ears apparently


Anyway:off topic:


I was going to go and buy a parkflier but the electric thing still scares me a bit and whilst rumaging through my boxes I found a OS 46FX wanting a new home. So after much to and fro I purchased a FLy Cat 46 kit. It has a 1200mm wingspan so it will easily fit in my ute and with a friend who has kindly mowed a strip in his back yard for me I will have a good toy to test over xmas. I have addded a few pics of it (not mine but to give a guide to what it looks like)


The Kit is well built but as it has a rear fuel tank I can see a few C of G issues happening









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Now that would make a damn nice rec plane if scaled up. Good luck with your model.



I agree a scaled up version would be unreal, a composite build with a 912s and full skydat guages,:faint:back to reality now oh it's good to dream



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Now that looks really nice. You did a great job with the Solarfilm, and I love the colour scheme.


It takes me back to the early 1960's when I built a Mig15 complete with with home-built radio gear. It flew well with a good hand launch until the ducted fan disintegrated and it all floated back down like it had been through the garden shredder.


Good luck, and try to keep it looking as good as it does now.


Kind Regards





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I have to be honest PD the kit cam pre covered:blush: I just don't have the time anymore to scratch build anything. I have purchased a decal kit to add a bit of a personal touch to the scenario but apart from that this is a lasy build. Your ducted fan story reminds me of one of my early projects. I had a .15 size motor at home and some spare time( I know dangerous) so I build this contraption that could only be classed as a rocket lol. It was a tubular fuselage only 2.5 inches thick and had a wingspan of only 1 m. It had the fuel tank strapped to the top of the fuse between the wings. At the time I has a spare 2 ch radio so all it got were ailerons and an elevator. The engine was started and the throttle jammed open and away we went. It only had about a 5 minute flight time but that was at nearly mach 2 lol. It lasted nearly three whole flight untill it got the worst case of aileron flutter and proceeded to self distruct. I managed to get back two seros and a reciever thats it. The poor litte .15 ended up about 2 inches into the ground.



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Guest VeeAte

Sorry to drag up an old thread. But I just got one of these myself.


Just wondering how yours went?





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To be honest I have been slack and I havent made any more progress, I hope to have it all done within a couple of weeks.


I have flown my friends one though and found it was extremely unstable when it was given full up elevator at high speed, it tried to flip on it's back. So to fix that the rates were reduced to have a smaller deflection on high rates and added more weight to the nose.


Since then it has flown well and this weekend he is putting a os 60 on it. SHould be interesting.



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Guest VeeAte

Thanks for the update BLA82.


I have been doing a fair amount of research on this plane. But there isnt a great deal of info to be found.


One thing a fair few people commented on is that it needed more vertical surface area. I think this was to counteract some yaw stability issues. People were either adding a rudder directly under the elevator or just adding balsa to this area to increase the surface area.


Does your friends Flycat swing its tail from side to side on landing ? (Excuse my lack of technical jargon. I think this is called "Unstable in the Yaw axis" ?)


Seen a couple of vids on youtube and you can notice it.


I am going to add a rudder to mine.


The .60 should make it move along :)


How much clearance is there for the prop? Or is he going to run a 3 blade prop?


Also there is some confusion on the net about the best Centre of Gravity location on this plane. Where is your friends one set up?


Sorry for all the questions. Just want the maiden to go well. :)



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Can't say it yaws from side to side. I wouldn't advise fixing a rudder to it. The way it is set up it wouldn't be very inaffective and probably would fowl the prop.


The 60 will have a two blade prop. I forgot to mention both mine and my mates we updated the rear landing gear. We strengthened the fuse and bolted on a alloy undercarriage similiar to those found on trainers so no prop clearence issues.


Looks good to!!!



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Guest VeeAte

Ok cool. Thanks for the info BLA82.


Some video footage would be cool with the .60 in it :D


Anyone know if this model is based even loosely on an actual aircraft or if it is what they call "Fantasy Scale"? (ie: isnt based on any actual plane)


I am more into my WWII fighters and aerobatic planes as opposed to jets. Did some searching but cant find anything like it.



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