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Skyfox in the Tropics

Guest RossD

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Hi All,


I have given up flying for the time being due to a rather nasty motorbike prang (13 fractures and some dislocations), but I have around 70 hours on Gazelles and love the things, so when I saw this forum the temptation was just too great. LOL


I also have twin time and time on the usual Cessnas and Warriors, and have flown taildragger Skyfox as well, but the Gazelle is my favourite.


Anyway, just a hello from the Whitsundays (well - Mackay is at the bottom end of the Whitsundays)before I have a look round the forum. I wish one of us had thought to start something like this when I was actually flying.







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Get off that bike (not the way you did last time) heal up well.The input makes it what it is Planes are fun (but theres nothing holding them up you know) However . If you are going to fly through the air I would suggest you have an aeroplane around you.Preferably..N....



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Hi Ross - welcome to the forums, you will find a lot of really decent people that also have the same interests as you including motorbikes.


Sorry to hear about the broken bones but you're still here so you take up a less dangerous sport of flying more.


I have a gazelle and and I couldn't agree with you more - they almost have a "land me" button that you can press - they are so forgiving and such a joy to fly.


Anyway, enjoy your stay here andplease join in, post some pictures and share your experiences,we are all learning from each other.



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