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List of reference books on Aviation Matters

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Could we compile a list of books on various aviation topics that are recommended on this forum in a format that is ongoing Please.. please would it be a good idea Our combined input should produce something worthwhile. N.....



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the books in my Library


Aerodynamics for Engineering Students


Aircraft Design Projects For Engineering Students


Aircraft Structures 3E


Airplane Design Vol 1-7


Airplane Flight Dynamics and Automatic Flight Control, Roskam


Boeing Design Manual - Titanium Alloys


FAA Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge


McDonnel Douglas Corporation - Structural Design Manual Vol 1


Missile Aerodynamics


Missile Guidance and Control Systems


Advances in Chemical Propulsion - Science to Technology


Analysis and Design of Flight Vehicles Structures, Bruhn


Flight Performance of Aircraft


Fluid-Dynamic Drag, Hoerner


Metallic Materials and Elements for Aerospace Vehicles Structures


Synthesis of Subsonic Airplane Design


Performance of Light Aircraft


and probably the best, easiest to read book on aircraft design...........


Aircraft Design-A Conceptual Approach


also have a few more on gas turbines, and helicopter aerodynamics and design...


but the best for use by other on the forum would be


Performance of light aircraft and the FAA pilots handbook of aeronautical knowledge



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<TABLE =lowerblocksbasic width="100%">






<TD =smallblocktitle>Emergency Maneuver Training by Rich Stowell </TD></TR>






"Rich Stowell, who has been in the forefront of Emergency Maneuver Training for years, has just written a book that provides similar advice for general aviation pilots. Emergency Maneuver Training is destined to contribute significantly to general aviation safety, and I recommend it to all who want to keep their airplanes out of the scrap yard." --Barry Schiff, author, video host, airline pilot.


BOOK AVAILABLE NOW FROM AOPA - signed by the author


. $59 inc Post & Handling


All proceeds from sales of this book go to the Ron Bertram Memorial Fund, which has been established to honour the memory of Ron Bertram by promoting aviation awareness through sponsorship of TIF's, GPFT's, and Emergency Manouevre Training. Donations can be made to the AOPA office.</TD></TR></T></TABLE>



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This has all been useful, I was thinking more of aircraft constructing techniques, and basic aerodynamics But I did not make that clear. If you list a book, could you indicate its strengths as I have found second hand books can be a little expensive these days and sometimes they can be a little away from what you are after. Thanks N... P.S. Maybe a Library could be of use to a lot of us.I would suggest a significant bond for participants would ensure that the bookswould be returned in most cases. , then, if they are not returned, the bond would cover the replacement. Ta......



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Ligght Aeroplane Design and Light Aeroplane Construction by Leo Pazmany are excellent. Leo goes through the design of the PL1 in some detail and its construction in the other book.


L Pazmany PO Box 10051. San Diego 10. California USA.


Firewall Forward is another good basic book.





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